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12/31/2005 12:41 pm

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3 Some fun

One night my friends decided to have a little fun. They invited me to meet them at a deserted house they knew of right at dusk. When I arrived, they were already going at it in a bed that had been left behind by the previous owners. As I got closer I noticed that his wife had been tied to the bed on her back, spread eagled.

My friend was banging away on her, wearing a ski mask, making the bed just rattle. His wife was saying things like "oh-no, you can't do this to me!!!" and "please, I'll do anything if you will stop right now!!!" and struggling against the ropes and against him.

Not sure exactly what was going on, but having been involved with them for a while and knowing they had a "kinky" streak as well as a liking for group sex, I just leaned back against the wall and enjoyed the show.

The harder he fucked, the more she begged for him to stop. When she came again and saw me standing by the door she said "Please help me, please, I'll do anything, mister, if you help me!!!"

My friend, still banging away on her said "shut up, he's here to fuck you next, not help you."

At this point his wife starts really trying to get away from him and yells "you are sick, its bad enough that you use me like this, but to pass me around to your friends!!! Who else is coming?" Looking at my she yells, "and you, at least he had the balls to kidnap me, but you just come along later for a free piece of ass, is that the deal?"

Not knowing exactly what to say, but getting really turned on I answered "something like that, I'm here just for the fucking."

Right about then my friend pulls his cock out and "climbs" up on her. He says "I'd stick my cock in your mouth, but you'd probably bite it off, so I'm going to cum on your face instead."

She yelled back "you really are a sick fucker aren't you!!!", just as he starts dumping a monster load of cum onto her face.

After he was done, he grabbed a hand full of her hair and used it to clean off his cock.

Getting up he came over by me, removing the ski mask and handing it to me said "your turn" and leaned against the wall.

Putting the mask on I undressed and went over to the bed. His wife looked at me and said, all meek, "please don't fuck me like that bad man, let me loose and I won't tell any one you were here, after all, I never saw your face."

Looking down on my friend's wife with a face full of cum putting on this act was awesome. I said "sorry, I never pass up a piece if ass" and started trying to get into her pussy. She bucked and fought, but by grabbing her hips and holding them I was able to drive into her. As I started fucking her she continued to beg for me to stop, saying that she would only go after "anyone who came. If you don't cum, I won't hold it against you."

As I was fucking her she came hard, then pantingly said "put your hands on my neck, but don't squeeze". This was the first time I had ever had such a request, but played along.

As soon as my hands were on her neck she started really begging. "Please don't hurt me, I'll let you do anything you want, you can cum on my face, in my mouth, or where ever you want, just don't hurt me!"

She started whispering, "please don't fuck me, please don't cum inside me, please don't do this". At this point I took one hand off her neck and started playing with her tits. This really got her off. She came literally with a gush!

Right then, as she was cumming I lost all control. Her on her back begging me to stop as she's cumming, her husband behind me rooting me on, and her face still full of his cum was too much! I didn't even have a chance to pull out. I came so fast and hard I collapsed on top of her, completely spent.

As soon as everyone catches their breath, my friend and his wife start laughing! She looks up at me and says "you really got into the spirit of things, didn't you!"

I said "how could I not?". Right about then a pair of headlights light up the drive way. My friend says "Oh crap" and start throwing clothes on fast. I jump off the bed and start doing likewise. Luckily it was a long driveway!

We both end up on the front porch just as the car pulls into the yard. Right about then I realized my friend's wife was still tied to the bed cover in his cum, and dripping mine out of her pussy!

An elderly gentleman gets out of the car and looks at us and says "I saw the cars pull in here earlier and thought it might be a bunch of kids having one of the drinking and sex parties, so I thought I had better check it out. I live across the road."

I said "no, nothing that exciting, I'm interested in buying the land and just wanted to see what kind of shape the house is in is all."

He grunted and said "about to fall down is the shape this place is in! You might have gotten a better idea if you would've come earlier in the day."

After several minutes of chatting and realizing we weren't going to be leaving right away, he got back into his car and headed for home.

My friend and I immediately beat feet back into the house, finding his wife still tied to the bed. She looks up at us and says "how nice, the two of you made a new friend, NOW GET ME UNTIED!!!"

All my friend could say was "yes dear" as the two of us quickly got her untied!!!

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