making love or just a fuck?  

candy69sosweet 61F
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4/29/2005 10:17 pm
making love or just a fuck?

There's always the dilema when you're writing to a guy you've just been with for the first time. Do you refer to it as having made love? Is that statement too heavy because of that four letter word? Or do you say hey, the sex was great! Or maybe fucking you was fantastic.

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eman169 57M
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1/19/2006 11:09 pm

It was great anytime you would like a night like last night will be another great night for me!

expatbrit49 62M

4/30/2005 3:22 pm

Good points sexyfit...... But do we men know which one we are doing?

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rm_pleaser142 68M

4/30/2005 9:23 am

I believe if you are just getting together for sex it is lust not love! did he offer you a diamond, did he ask you to run away with him? Not! It was lust!

expatbrit49 62M

4/30/2005 4:51 am

Hmmm... You all read to much into us...we are guys so most of our thoughts on this subject is Oh good I'm going to get fucked (sorry Missy, Boinked)
I think most of us are happy with whatever you want to call it just as long as we are getting it

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

missy97330 47F

4/30/2005 1:37 am

I hate the F word, and making love implies a relationship. So I stick with "sex."

vegas_sinner04 30F

4/29/2005 10:56 pm

i would stick with just calling it sex. that way, he won't get freaked out by the love in making love. personally, i think just saying you are a fantastic fuck is funny. either way you phrase it, i'm glad you had fun and i wish you many many more good time with him.

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