Why don't you get it?  

candy69sosweet 61F
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4/18/2005 10:21 pm
Why don't you get it?

Sometimes I get mail, like I'm sure other ladies on this site do, from guys who just don't get it. By this, I mean they don't get why they are not with someone, why they don't get replied to. I'm going to tell them why, hopefully to help them, and us, out.

First, don't tell me how big your package is, or how long you can sustain an erection. That's not something I want to know on initial contact.

Second, spell check! Hello! Nobody with half a brain wants to converse with a person if they don't know how to spell. Oh, and also who doesn't know the difference between their and there for one example!

Third, DON'T USE ONLY CAPITALS! This always gets my goat...I feel like the person is frustrated, or angry. Not a person I want to get involved with.

Finally, don't lie...we'll find out eventually! Yes, that means you, the man who said he's a PhD but when he was pluralizing his words used apostrophes! DUH!

OK, sorry I ragged, but it's getting tiresome reading these e-mails and not finding a sincere guy yet. Tell me girls, do you have the same problems? Guys, do you realize that we actually read your mails?

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you!

~Friendship is a gift given from the heart and treasured forever~

keithcancook 60M
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7/4/2008 8:14 am

What a long strange trip it's been, my old friend.

Thanks for the link, candysoveryverysweet!

blog on!

rm_BackStrollOn 63M
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12/24/2006 7:47 am

Going round profiles and blogs,I also runned into a woman complainting of other women.Here meny test as being out themselves,the would-be of theirselves.Or try to advantage of other's moment of weakness.In a far place,a girlfriend in this site told that here is as in the street:you can meet good or bad,just as in the street.So one must always chose.I'm not interested in every person open to sex,nor I can assume that every person open to sex is interested in me.Also if one like orgies can't be in feeling with anyone.Among my acquaitances here there are different persons with whom one shall approach in a different manner.Profile is a standard form,behind each one there is a person that maybe too shy to tell,or a deceiver,or who will grant confidence and frienship after one shows his/her reliableness.I come here playful and with a taste for paradox in argumenting.But respect is the basis,also when one can't agree or has no reply.Ain't no use in trying to compel.So here misunderstanding is easier than in daily life,and not always there is time or space to solve the question.First impression is the rule,not always right.A narrow margin to recover,if not with people who just meet from time.

cplmauricien 46M
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12/25/2005 9:53 am


mnfun952 102M

10/23/2005 11:31 am

OK...just checking in... was this REALLY your first post??


rm_johnhasneeds 59M

4/19/2005 6:12 am

If I didn't think that you were going to read my reply then I would not write, so it is good to know that you do read our replies. That was not meant to be sarcastic, though it may have come across that way.

I have a question, and I don't know if you could actually answer this. Some women (and perhaps some guys, don't know, dont check ads from guys) label their profile to say that they are only looking for "erotic chat or email". I have tried responding to a few, as I do enjoy reading and writing erotica, but don't know how to begin. When I reply to them, I don't start out writing some erotica. I ask them if I am someone that they would like to write to. For a site such as this one is, is that wrong approach?

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