Have you ever......  

candy69sosweet 61F
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5/19/2005 8:22 pm
Have you ever......

been so horny you thought you'd screw anything? Anyone? Anywhere?

Have you ever looked into someone's eyes, and felt that tingling down to the pit of your being, but didn't do anything about it? Then regretted it the next day?

Have you ever been looking so hard for The One, that you didn't recognize him/her when you finally met?

Have you ever wished, for just one minute, that you could go back in time and changed something? But of course you couldn't.

Time stands still for nobody. We all have to make the best of each and every moment we live. The very best of each breath we take.

Live your life like there's no tomorrow.

Dance like nobody's watching.

Sing like nobody can hear you.

Love with every ounce of your being.

Than way, when the lights go out and your time on earth is done, you will have no regrets.

To all of my new friends in blogland, I love you!

~Friendship is a gift given from the heart and treasured forever~

nightstogether 56M

5/26/2005 12:40 am

Done all of those things, and continue trying to do them from one day to the next!

private-intellectual (.de)

expatbrit49 62M

5/20/2005 7:25 pm

nice Candy, now lets go back to the first one again what was it.......been so horny you thought you'd screw anything? Anyone? Anywhere?


Thank You for Your Time and Attention

LimesMastsAvoid 70M
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5/20/2005 12:27 pm

I was at the Arctic Circle once, and I would screw a snake under a rock...unless that snake had Leprosy, nothing was safe from me..

papyrina 51F
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5/19/2005 10:33 pm

what a lovely post hugs and kisses for you too

I'm a

i'm here to stay

daredevon 52F

5/19/2005 8:56 pm

very well stated. Probably can't remind one of those things enough.

ByteChaser2 53M

5/19/2005 8:54 pm

Yes. Anyhing, anyone, anywhere, anytime. It's got to be a virus like ebola - or something...

Looked into her eyes and knew, I mean KNEW she was the one. And couldn't see that she wouldn't let me be her one.

I met her... I love her... I need her... I can't stand the ache not having been able to keep her.

Time is relative... but if I could magically turn back time... YES!!! I'd change. I'd improve... I'd grow that backbone and commit - to her.

Your right. Time waits for no one. I failed... I learned from it and i moved on... every second brings a new experiance and a new opportunity.

And a new love

There IS[/b} no tomorrow!

Nobody IS watching - and if they are they are in awe

Nobody IS listening - and if they are they don't hear what your saying

Look forward with hope

Look back with affection


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