Lake Havasu, Azrona for Momorial Day weekend - mw4w -mw4ww  

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5/20/2005 5:26 pm

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Lake Havasu, Azrona for Momorial Day weekend - mw4w -mw4ww

Hello, how are you, We are planning to go to Lake Havasu, Azrona for this Momorial Day weekend. You know all the stories you have heard about it……Well we shall find out
We are looking to host beautiful, sexy and hot women to take with us to have the time of our lives

If what you read about me, interest you, and YOU know this is you, respond back and we will all chat, and them meet……and then have the time of our lives

I am 6'3 and 235, 35 -Athletic -Italian and Irish- Handsome, some say gorgeous -Intelligent, very intellectual-Sensitive that is what makes me a WHOLE man- Aggressive (when needed, it is a man that knows when to be -Alpha man, a silent leader -Great body, like Michelangelo’s statue of David -Business man and have done blue collar work too.........don't mind getting dirty and sweaty
Rough edge but boyish face and charm -Smooth, like Ricco Swavea.....LOL........I like to think like Bond......James Bond- Sexy.....more than I even know -All my hair, for a 35 your old...........all my testosterone -All that women could ever need or desire............but it takes a Whole women to handle me -I have a heart of an angel, the biggest you ever see this life time -

She is 5’3 and 100,34, Brazilian, Columbian, East Indian and Irish (you noticed we are both Irish), ALL say gorgeous, Intelligent (Masters Degree), Girlish charm but ALL women, SEXY as hell the sexiest I have ever seem and will ever see, hot hot hot hot hot…..smoke hot, doesn’t mind getting down and dirty as well, will be one of the most Incredible women and person you will ever meet ( I am amazed every day of my life with her), crazy spirited, open to be open minded, loves life and is very passionate, and have a heart to match mine. Just say you will be very honored by God that you will have met her in your life (I thank god and the universe very day)

We are crazy IN LOVE with each other, we are very passionate in our believes and the people that are in our lives, We are very devoted in our families, WE have this crazy love and want to share our lives with others that can honor and appreciate the simple and greatness that life has to bless us with and YES we are one of the most sexual people you will ever meet, WE LOVE SEX

We are looking for women that are like us, fun, a little crazy, free spirited, loves life, passionate. Self-less, humble, confident, and has a burning desire to become a better person.

SO if you have passion in life for the three F’

And you KNOW this is you

Reply to us and we are excited to meet you

Ciao Bella

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