Interestingly Addictive  

camdencutie 36F
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6/23/2005 7:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Interestingly Addictive

I don't know what I am doing here... yet, I can't stop coming here. There is some addictive quality to this site that has to be an accumulation of a few things, since I can't quite put my finger on one single thing.

-There is always the ego... I mean who doesn't like to hear compliments and feeling of being wanted. Now this is also an empty kind of confidence considering that there are so many guys that would say anything to jump into bed with any woman that will acknowledge their presence given the chance.

-We also have the companionship... It is nice to have a place to go to chat with so many people about things that you may or may not discuss with your friends or acquantances that you see every day in real life.

-Cybersex... I love to watch a hot guy on cam... 'nuff said

-Hope... There is always that hope in the back of your mind that you will find "THE ONE" that you will spend the rest of your life with.

-Horniness... I admit, that I joined this site because I do get horny a lot and I don't always have a friend to turn to in real life that is available to get together at that time. But... I have found on this site that I have a lot more self control over my mind and body than I thought I did. I am not one that will just jump into bed with someone, anyone, that I really don't know that much about. Until I started visiting this site, I thought that given the chance, that I would be willing to do that whenever I got horny. I guess it has taught me something. I still have the want to be 'deflowered' so to speak, and I am sure I will find the one that I want to be my first soon.

-Hot guys (and girls)... I love to trade pics with guys that are hot enough to get me wet while I am at work going through my emails. The stories that accompany their pics are almost as good as watching them on cam or having a naughty chat with them

There are many more I am sure, but for now, this early in the morning, that is all I came up with. I guess I can always update in future entries.

I would love to hear your reasons for coming to the site, what you do get out of it, what you hope to get out of it, and what you ultimately want to get out of it. I know sex, sex, sex and more sex will be pretty prevalent an answer, so I hope there is more than that to your answer.

PS I caved about putting up a pic of me in the nude (kinda)... It isn't just because so many have asked, It is because I like the pic and I am not ashamed of my body. Maybe I will post more in future blogs.

Until next time.....................Kisses n hugs

rm_CBfleXXX 35M

6/24/2005 9:45 am

Hey, cutie I still didn't get your name maybe you can hook me up with that so my messages won't be so reptitive and boring.

So, you're addicted to this site? Well, beautiful I feel you. I find that coming to this site is like our own personal community. Just look at everything you can do here. Meet beautiful interesting new people and get to know them better. Express your feelings in a public place without being judged or looking stupid. The point system is like getting paid everyday for doing something simple like expressing yourself or just meeting new people. It's our place!

Everything you said above is true and a lot of it does have to do with sex, but it's not the only thing. I love getting emails from people especially you! I like to talk to people with the same interests and are smart.

You got beautiful women contacting you all the time, you can meet them and get something started, I mean it's like a dream come true. I'm not even gonna ask how many people you got in your network already. But, it's nice to be appreciated even if it's not genuine a nice compliment goes a long way. For instance, you have very nice very healthy looking breasts. It might be a little embarassing at first but I guarantee if you hear it enough you'll find yourself looking in the mirror at them more than usual. It's just a fun, free, open-minded place where we sex starved and wanting individuals can go and be free to express ourselves in anyway we please.

P.S. We should give props to the creators

elle_gant1 45F
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6/24/2005 9:48 am

It is addictive and you never know what may end up happening

1blacktyger 46M
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6/27/2005 7:06 am

I love your new pic... you do have breasts as beautiful as anyone I have ever seen. I agree with cbx... props to the creators
I appreciated the brief chat we had last week, and I hope that I see you online again so we can get to know more about each other...
But, why am I here? You would be the prime example... to meet and chat with interesting and beautiful women, still hopin to get RT meeting with someone, but hopefully it will happen soon

Kilakitu 53F
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7/14/2005 3:09 pm

Have you ever considered having a woman eat your pussy. Soft tender lips tugging that clit? Just a thought.

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