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8/28/2006 1:26 pm

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She walked past me......thats all it took, thats how it all began and how my life changed forever...

when and where isn't important...
...well everything that happened up to that point I mean, just another day after a long week at work and nights spent out at the local. Familiar faces, too familiar jokes... and always a silence in my mind that leaves me feeling numb, unable to impact the chain of events which turns out to be a life spent unexplored.

Never been one for crowds - but understanding I can't shut myself away any longer - did i ever really mean to?

Soooo i go out seeking crowds, shopping district - busiest time of day, what a nightmare! people everywhere, so many thoughts so many voices but today is different - somehow, is it the atmosphere i'm looking for? maybe it's just me - I don't feel myself anymore, I'm a ghost nobody see's me - anonymity - that's what I feel. I walk round the city with my eyes open - for the first time in.....can i ever really remember a time when my eyes were open? or when I just looked UP!!! - BOOM - ...i find myself unable to look away, blue eyes - the colour of a cloudless sky in the summer - which sends a smile to my mouth only to see it reflected back in hers...

Am i still moving?, how long have i been here? the smell of lavender...
was i dreaming? - I turn around to gaze at her - happily I find the moment hasn't passed >>

"you were going to say - Hello" a soft voice...gentle... thats how it started...

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8/28/2006 3:04 pm

Ok, I want the rest now

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