My first erotic story  

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1/5/2006 10:27 am

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My first erotic story

It is wednesday night and I am working late, you see the "closed" sign in the door but knock anyways, you have come to my office for legal advice and you need it bad. You had it with that husband of yours, he has has not fucked you the way you deserve for a while and you are sick and tired of having to satisfy yourself with a plastic tool, you want a thick piece of warm meat to enter your pussy and make you scream, make you shake with excitement, make your pussy drip and fill your pussy with liters of cum, you want a small finger up your asshole, softly while the thick piece of meat fills you up with pleasure.

You are very upset when you enter my office. What has happened to your great sex life, in college you got fucked properly almost every night, every variety too, sometimes you wanted it hard and you found some stud to fuck you as hard as your little tight pussy could take it, sometimes you wanted it soft and you found yourself the nerdy kid next door to massage your clit with his tongue and penenetrate you sofly, as your wet little cunt could not wait anymore and was screaming for his big juicy dick.

You went to a very small religious college and while you listened to the mass you used to fantasize non stop about the two guys that gang fucked you all night long when you were a freshman, you can get them out of your head, they were so muscular and the could touch your body and make you feel so good, you would hold a cock in your mouth while the other cock punished your pussy with the most glorious pleasure.

These images may your pussy drip and usually wetted your panties,you have always loved cock, you love the way it feels in your tight pussy, you love putting in your mouth until cum covers your face. The preacher says every day, you should not do this or that, you wonder whether he has ever gotten fucked properly, you were taught that good girls had to wait until marriage but now you know differently, you have swallow so much cum that you have leart to love that salty taste in your mouth, you crave for it when you get up in the middle up the night with your panties completely wet.

Back to my office: I tell you that you should try to work it out that marriage is not easy but you must persist, you are crying and I just want to console you, you cry in my shoulder and then the you begin to breath really hard on my neck, you tell me that you have just wetted your panties and that you just want to be fucked by a big, hard cock, I blushed, my cock is getting rock hard, but I restrain myself, this is not proper, I should not be doing this, but finally my animal instinct takes over my body and I rip your panties off your body and begin to lick your wet little cunt, I can't get enough of those sweet juices coming out of your little flower, I used my
fingers to work you pussy and you ass, slowly working the
walls of your vagina and your clit, after a while you are
screaming for it, you want to get fucked hard and I can't
wait any longer, my huge cock is ready for you, I slowly enter
you and you ask me to give it to you hard and I do, you scream
with pleasure "fuck me harder, fuck me harder"
"punish that little pussy with that cock" "make
me pay being such a little slut" "ohhhhh, I love
> that cock soooo much" "don't stop, don't
stop" you whole body is shaking, you pussy is about
to explode, you can't hold it any longer, you say: "give
it to me baby, cover me with that sweet cum of yours"
fill me up with that come and make me explode with please
and I do, I fill you up with liters of cum, the inundate your
pussy like a wave, you love the warmth

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