Dreams and fantasies  

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10/18/2005 1:04 pm

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Dreams and fantasies

Last night I lay in bed and dreamt about you.

You were there with me, lying next to me. I could smell you and sense your warm naked body a few inches from mine. I heard your breathing stop when I put my hand on your stomach. Gently rolling you over so you'd lie fully against me like teaspoons. Very slowly and gently I started kissing your shoulder and your neck, working my way up to your chin. Then as my hand slid up from your stomach to your breast, my lips reached yours and we kissed.

Squeezing your breast I saw your lips opening to let out a soft gasp. Immediately I gave you a deep, slow, passionate kiss. Teasingly I slid my hand down your stomach and lower still. You lifted your leg a bit and put it backwards over mine, urging me to move my hand lower. Eager to please I did and I felt your softest, warmest most intimate spot. Moving my legs up between yours I opened your legs wider, gave you a kiss in your neck and slowly slid my fingers between your lips, feeling your wetness.

I could feel you move your hips in rhythm to my fingers, you aroused me even more and I could feel myself growing hard. As I slowly started moving my hips against yours I put 2 fingers deep into your hungry pussy. Your moan excited me even more and as I pushed my hips harder against yours, I took your earlobe in my mouth and softly sucked on it.

As I gently rubbed your soft, wet vulva with the palm of my hand I made long, stroking movements with my fingers. This went on for a couple of minutes, me switching from slow movements to faster movements and your moans and body movement increasing.

Feeling your body begin to shiver I got too excited and wanted more, I wanted to feel myself buried deep inside your warm, wetness. I took my fingers out of you and heard you gasp. I teasingly bit your earlobe and whispered "roll over on your stomach and spread 'em" in your ear. You happily obliged, rolling over and stretching out your body while purring softly. As you turned your head and smiled at me you opened your legs and bended them a little so your bottom was lifted from the bed.

A few seconds I was simply stunned by the sight. The beauty of you lying there, wanting me, waiting for what I was going to do. Very slowly I crept towards you. Placing my tongue at the spot where your buttocks join I licked you upwards over your spine, sending goose bumps through your whole body. When I reached your neck I stopped and took some skin between my teeth and gently lowered my body on yours. Letting go of your neck I slid my body downward then lifted my upper body and moved my hips forward and up, penetrating you ever so slowly.

We both moaned loudly at this feeling, the feeling we'd longed for for so long.

The_Succubus 32F

2/15/2006 12:18 pm

How come you don't update your blog more often? You have an engaging writing style.

calis1978 38M
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3/10/2006 11:45 am



I just don't take the time to blog nor write unfortunately)

rm_kbqtpie69 38F
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5/19/2007 8:32 pm

Another titillating story would love to have you read it to me sometime when I can cam for you.

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