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Sex written by ME

Two For Fun

Last night my man Aaron and I went out and had a few drinks. We were both feeling the alcohol and we were both extremely horny. I wanted two tonight though and sitting on the other side of me was someone I wanted to bring home, Keith. I put my hand between my mans legs under the table and began to rub his cock. My pussy was wet and getting wetter as I felt him grow harder. Slowly I put my hand on Keith’s cock and began to rub. Aaron looked at me a little surprised but he knew what I wanted. I really wanted it. We all left the bar and headed to my house where I led the two of them to my room. I stood in front of them and slowly pulled my clothes off. I turned to Aaron and pulled his shirt off. I teased his nipple with my tongue, running my tongue down his chest and stomach. His skin tasted salty sweet. I undid his belt and pulled his pants down. He was getting so hard. Turning to Keith I did the same. I couldn’t wait to have their cocks in my mouth, first one and then the other. I grabbed their cocks. One in each hand and began massaging them. My pussy was so hot and wet. I took Keith’s cock in my mouth and stroked it with my tongue, taking it all in, in and out between my lips, teasing the head with my tongue. My tongue running up his shaft and down to his balls. I sucked his balls gently licking and sucking them. I turned to Aaron and took all of his cock in my mouth. While I started to suck his cock I felt Keith’s large cock slide into my wet pussy. His hands playing with my nipples making them very hard. Thrusting in and out of my pussy, I took Aaron’s cock so deep in my mouth, I sucked and teased it with my tongue. He grabbed my head and pushed his cock so deep into my mouth, in and out. He was rock hard. He tasted so good, so hot, so sweet. Keith pulled his cock out of my pussy and slowly entered my ass. Oh it hurt but what a pleasurable pain. I wanted him to stop and at the same time I wanted him to thrust in deep and fast. While he was pounding in to my ass making me want to scream, I turned Aaron around, bent him over and with my tongue I teased his hole. I ran my tongue from his balls to his whole, flicking my tongue around his hole, my hand reached for his cock and began to stroke it. I stuck my tongue in his whole, and moved it in circles. I asked Aaron to lay on the floor. Keith pulls out of my ass. I go on top of Aaron laying on the floor. I spread my lips apart and feel his huge, hard cock slide into my pussy. Its so wet the juice is running down my thighs. I ask Keith to go behind me and kneel down. Slowly he enters my ass again. I feel the head go in and I am ready cum. He slides his whole cock in and its completely orgasmic. My pussy is tingling as I ride Aaron and Keith pushes his cock deep in my ass. Keith plays with my nipples, flicking, pinching and squeezing them. Aaron grabs my hips and pulls me down as he pushes his hips up to meet mine. Keith moves his hands from my nipples and uses one hand to restrain my hands behind me and the other hand goes up around my throat. The pleasure of the penetration while being restrained is uncontrollable. I ride Aaron hard up and down while Keith pounds into my ass. I want to dig my nails into Aaron’s chest but I can’t move. Aaron plays with my clit. Instantly I cum. Aaron can feel the cum on his shaft. My pussy closing tight around it. Slowly so that Keith is still in my ass, I lift off Aaron, move back and take Aaron's cock in my mouth so I can taste my cum. I play with his ass while I suck and lick all around the head, taking it in and out just like Keith in my ass. The faster I suck, the harder Keith pounds. I rub my clit wanting to cum again.
Their cocks are rock hard. Aaron moans and cums in my mouth . The sweet taste of cum, rubbing my clit and getting fucked in the ass makes me cum again. My pussy and ass tightening with the orgasm causes Keith to cum all over my ass.

looking4a3somes5 36M

6/25/2006 8:08 am

Damn girl finish the story you already got me hard

gecko8me 49M

10/1/2006 4:35 pm

M,m,m,m,m Delicious...nothing like a woman who knows how to give a great rim-job while pushing back on a rock hard cock...M,m,m Bend over baby, touch your toes.

Dr G.

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