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~~~~~~~~ Todays Sex Quote and Joke ~~~~~~~~

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Todays Sex Quote and Joke ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Today I am honoring: papyrina A sweet blogger from Greece.

"A man has to be Joe McCarthy to be called ruthless. All a woman has to do is put you on hold."

Marlo Thomas quotes


Computers have taken over life

You know computers have taken over your life when...

You hum the Windows opening theme when ever you wake up
You think the numbers on tombstones are high scores
You use Google to search for your car keys
You actually hand in work from EssayGenerator.com
You keep getting fired as you beat up you boss thinking that you’ll get to the next level
You keep a trash can and a selection of neatly arranged folders on your des ktop
You excuse yourself to go to the toilet by anouncing that you have to "download"
You try to shut windows by tapping them on the top right corner
You refer to meals as "power ups"
You call christmas a "bonus round"

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Happy birthday mzhunyhole

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