~~~~~ Mystery of Tantra. ~~~~~  

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~~~~~ Mystery of Tantra. ~~~~~

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Most westerners use the word "Tantra" to mean sacred sexuality. Tantra, or Neo-Tantra, as practiced in the west, borrows from many traditions including Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Native American Quodoshka, Wiccan, Christian Gnosticism and more. Real "Tantra" is a rigorous spiritual discipline and a vast field of study, with the sexual aspect being an important part of it. Mystical experiences and altered states of consciousness result from many of the processes, especially the ones with sexual energy at their core. The act of ritual lovemaking is a participation in cosmic and divine processes. The experience of transcending space and time, of surpassing the phenomenal duality of spirit and matter, of recovering the primal unity, the realization of the identity of God/Goddess, Shiva/Shakti and of the manifested and unmanifested aspects of the All: these constitute the very mystery of Tantra.

The origins of Tantra can be traced back at least 20,000 years to markings on cave walls that resemble the symbols still used in Tantra today. Associated with fertility worship and paganism, early Tantric beliefs were based on observations that life itself was a result of the act of love. This simple fact is difficult for us to remember at a time when sex is considered shameful and dangerous by many.

The establishment of Tantra as a religion in India goes back to about 800 AD when the great sacred erotic temples were built. This golden age of Tantra began when the people rebelled against the stratified upper caste priesthood that controlled religious worship. The central theme of the new spirituality that swept through India was direct spiritual experience through ecstatic sexual practice, meditation and the use of sacraments. This era lasted until the invasion of India that led to the destruction of most of the Tantric temples and the killing of many of its practitioners. It has been largely an underground force in India since that time.

Many of the same issues seem to exist today as they did in India during the time that led to the golden age of Tantra . We all have an inner spiritual force that guides us. Throughout history this guidance has led us to organized religion. Unfortunately, religions sometimes lose their original essence as they become over-burdened with centuries of new ideas.

Neo-Tantra is an eclectic mix based on personal experience as was the original Tantric "anti-religion" in India. This is why it is so hard to define. What these beliefs have in common is the vision of sexuality as a spiritual force or as a pathway to direct spiritual experience. Sexuality is the vehicle, not the destination. Our true spiritual nature is the goal.

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