What is Sexual Assault?  

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What is Sexual Assault?

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What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault is any type of sexual activity that is unwanted, by someone to whom you have not given your consent. A sexual assault may include the use of physical force, threats or intimidation. Sexual assault is a crime.

Crucial 3 Days

Obtaining medical care after a sexual assault is an important option. You may have some injuries, you may be worried about getting a sexually transmitted disease or becoming pregnant.

Medical care can include the following:

* Having a physical examination and being treated for injuries.
* You can get medication to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
* You can discuss the option of taking the "morning after pill" to prevent pregnancy.
* The nurse and/or doctor can help you with the upsetting feelings you may be experiencing.
* You may want to have physical evidence taken and recorded (this is important if you want to proceed with legal action).

The medical care you receive is confidential. The hospital cannot release information about the treatment you received, without your permission.

It is your choice if you want the police involved. The staff will not report the assault to the police without your permission.


Telling someone about the sexual assault may be a difficult thing to do. However, telling is an important part of healing. Here are some thoughts and suggestions that might help you.

I told someone about the sexual assault because . . .

* I didn't want this to happen to me again
* I didn't want this to happen to someone else
* The feelings kept building up inside of me, making me feel worse
* I wanted to take action against the person that assaulted me
* I was behaving differently at home and my parents kept asking what was wrong
* I realized that the problem was too big for me to deal with alone and I needed help
* I was having trouble eating
* I kept thinking about what happened and couldn't concentrate
* I was having trouble sleeping
* My friends couldn't figure out why I was acting different
* I hoped that by telling someone I would feel better
* I kept crying and my friends encouraged me to talk
* I needed some help deciding what to do


Choosing a place is also very important. Consider finding . . .

* A quiet place where there are no distractions
* A place where you will not be interrupted
* A place where you feel safe
* A place where you can cry if you want to, shout if you want to, and not feel ashamed


* Parents
* Someone in your family
* Teacher
* Doctor/Nurse
* Friend
* Sexual Assault Care Centre
* Police
* Counsellor
* Religious Leader
* Someone that you know who
will help you


When you tell the person you trust, consider telling only what you feel comfortable talking about . . .

* It is more important to talk about how you are feeling than the details of the assault
* It's not necessary to talk about the incident all at once
* It's okay to tell a little-bit-at-a-time
* If talking about the incident is difficult for you, writing or drawing may be helpful
* If you choose to tell the police, you should tell them everything you can remember, even if some parts may be embarrassing like drinking, taking drugs or breaking family rules


The decision to tell someone becomes easier . . .

* When you feel ready to talk about it
* When you are strong enough to talk about it
* When you find the right person to talk to
* When you feel safe and supported

Make These Thoughts Stop

You think about the assault, even when you don't want to. You may replay it over and over in your mind. When you don't expect it, something may remind you. This may be frightening, but it's normal.

You may find it helpful to talk about your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust. A counsellor who knows about sexual assault can help. As you begin to feel safe again, you will notice that you don't think about the assault as often.


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