Understanding Blog Commands  

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Understanding Blog Commands

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Understanding Blog Commands

1. Understanding "tags" or "commands". In HTML a "tag" is a command. Here on A FF it is call a "command". I shall use "tag" for a "command", because it is faster to type.

For illustrations purpose I will use the "lesser than" symbol "<" to start a tag, and the "greater than" symbol ">"

You HAVE to use the "open bracket" symbol " [ ", and the "close bracket" symbol " ] ", in your "Add A Post Page" and "text editor".

A set of "tags" must have a "open tag"<color blue> and a "close tag" </color>.

You need to have a set of tags ("open tag" + "close tag" ) to change regular text to bold text.

"<"b"> I want this in bold text. <"/b">".

"<"i"> I want this in Iitalicizes text <"/i"> "

" <"color blue"> I want this in blue text <"/color"> ".

"<"size =4"> This is size 4 text <"/size">" Make sure you leave a "SPACE" between size and the =4 sign.

<"blog cajunpet">, <"member cajunpet">, and <"photo cajunpet"> DO NOT need a "close tag". These tags are called "simple tag".

~~~~~ Do you need help or information about Blogging? ~~~~~

Visit or join "Bloggers of this friendly site"

Go to: Groups > Topical > Other > Bloggers of this friendly site.

You can read the posts, or join the group to ask questions.

Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

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This is a test to see if this comment will disappear,like halve of my comments are disappearing in other member's blog comments.

Check out my blog "Posts & Comments Disappearing Into The Big Black Hole Of A FF ~This Unfriendly Site ~" May 25, 2005 2:54 pm
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