Today's Love Quote and Cajun Joke ~ Cow For Sale ~  

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Today's Love Quote and Cajun Joke ~ Cow For Sale ~

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~~~~~~~~~~~ Today's Love Quote and Cajun Joke ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"When you come right down to it, the secret of having it all is loving it all."

Dr. Joyce Brothers quotes


Cow For Sale

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux saw an add in the paper that read, "Cow 4 Sale", so they decided to make an investment and purchase her! They bought the cow and remembered that in order to breed her they needed a bull. A few days later Boudreaux was looking in the paper and saw an add, "Bull 4 sale $100.00", so they decide to buy the bull.

They weren't sure how they were gonna get the bull to their pasture, since the bull was at Comeaux's farm 20 miles away. So, Thibodeaux comes up with a bright idea to send Boudreaux and stay home and watch over the wife and cow.

So Boudreaux goes to Comeaux's farm and pays him for the bull. Then he remembers he has to get the bull home, but how?? Comeaux tells Boudreaux to send a telegram at the local telegram office, down the road.

Boudreaux goes to the telegram office and asks how much to send a message to Thibodeaux. The clerk tells him it would be "25-cents" a word. Boudreaux then remembers he used all but 25-cents to buy the bull. So, with that one quarter, Boudreaux sends a telegram to Thibodeaux.

The next morning Thibodeaux gets the telegram and opens it. It reads ~ "COMFORTABLE"!!!

(Come for de Bull!!)


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