Make Your Lover SCCRRREEEEAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 5  

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Make Your Lover SCCRRREEEEAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 5

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Make Your Lover SCCRRREEEEAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 5
Some tips on sex I learned over my many years as a lover.

Girl's talk about sex

63. 'When my partner goes down on me I love him to do a "come here" signal very slowly with two fingers inside me, especially if he's gently licking my clit at the same time.'

64. 'Set the scene by dressing-up in sexy underwear, light candles and put on some soft background music. Answer the door wearing a bathrobe and, once the door is closed, reveal what's beneath the robe"

65. 'My partner and I like it if, during foreplay, I masturbate him to the point of climax and then move straight on to sex. This makes him last longer, without making him sore from too much penetrative sex'.

66. I get great clitoral stimulation when my partner lies on top and slightly to the side so I have one leg up slightly and bent, and the other flat. Instead of him just moving in and out, he also grinds, rubbing against me as I lift up and into him.

67. Dare to go bare with a Brazilian wax. 'At first I felt a bit naked, but my boyfriend was so turned on that it made me feel sexier. Plus, having no hair down there makes that area extra sensitive'.

68. 'Ban your hands! Explore each other's bodies with your nose, tongue, lips, hair, knees, toes - you'll be amazed at how sensational it feels.'

69. Pick your favourite bits from this article and read out some of the suggestions to your partner. Ask him what he thinks - it's a subtle but effective way to kick-start frank discussion about your fantasies.


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