Make Your Lover SCCRRREEEEAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 1  

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Make Your Lover SCCRRREEEEAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 1

~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Sexual Health and Sex Guide. ~~~~~~~~~~

Make Your Lover SCCRRREEEEAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part 1
Some tips on sex I learned over my many years as a lover.

Basic Tips

1. Make him stay at the shallow end to make sex better for you. United States sex gurus Masters and Johnson found that the outer third of the vagina is the most sensitive, so deep thrusting isn't essential. Have him 'dip' the tip of his penis into your vagina - it'll feel great for both of you.

2. Spice up your sex life by doing it in the cupboard under the stairs - seriously. Novelty is an intense aphrodisiac, and any unusual setting with strange sensations, smells and muffled sounds, will make sex feel new, upping the excitement.

3. Have your man sit on top of the washing machine while you have sex (you perched on top, with your legs wrapped around his waist). The vibrations carry through his penis, turning it into a wonderful vibrator.

4. Select the cottons cycle for the best results. It's a warm wash so his bum won't get cold, plus it has the longest, fastest spin. Feel those good vibrations.

5. By placing a pillow under your bottom you're creating an orgasm optimum 26-degree pelvic tilt, which means maximum contact between his body and your clitoris. This way you'll reach orgasm every time.

6. Go red. Colors create a sexy mood. Red, dark blue and violet are the three most erotic colors. And the least erotic? Gray.

7. Sex in the bath is fun but can be tricky. Try this: fill the bath halfway with water, then pour plenty of bath gel over each other's bodies. With your man lying down in the bath, lie on top of him and, instead of going for pentrative sex, stimulate each other to climax by rubbing your body on his.

8. Good vibrations. Take turns with the TongueJoy Oral Vibrator. Strapped to your tongue, the vibrations stimulate nerve endings like you've never felt before.

9. Play Twister. Nude. And wet. It removes inhibitions and gets you in positions you wouldn't usually attempt.

10. Don't go solo with your vibrator. Only 25% of women climax through penetrative sex alone, so get your man to pleasure you with a sex toy while he's at it.

11. Ask him to talk to you when he's going down on you. The vibrations from his voice and the unpredictability of it will make you come even quicker.

12. Feed your man cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon if you're planning to give him oral pleasure. It'll make his semen taste nicer.

13. And don't let him near garlic, onions, curry or asparagus - all these foods will make his semen taste unpleasant.

14. Convince him to buy you more jewellery by masturbating him with a string of pearls. Use lots of lubrication, then wrap the pearls around the shaft of his penis, slowly stroking them up and down. They'll add different levels of stimulation to the experience.

15. Ask him to use his nose when he's going down on you. Most men genuinely love the smell of a woman and the nose makes an excellent clitoral stimulator. (Now you know why some women love men with big noses!)

16. If you enjoy outdoor sex, try this: take a drive to the country, open the car's sunroof and perch yourself on the edge of it, with your legs dangling down inside. Now have your man - who is still inside the car - lick you to orgasm. If anyone should pass by, you'll simply look like you're sunbathing and, once you're done, it's his turn.

17. Have sex on a swivel chair to make sex really exciting. 'The spinning sends fluid rushing around the balance mechanism in your inner ear,' says Men's Health medical editor Dr Keith Hopcroft, and this disorientation makes you feel like you're floating. Get ready to land on Cloud 9.


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papyrina 51F
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6/20/2005 5:53 am

i get electric shocks if i sit on the washing machine

I'm a

i'm here to stay

fb1987 29M
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6/20/2005 7:00 am

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cajunpet 70M
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6/20/2005 7:41 am

Your washing machine should NOT be shocking you. This is very dangerous and can kill people. The wash machine should be checked out, to make sure it is grounded properly by a qualified electrican.

I understand you may be joking!!!!!!!!!! Call the electrian anyway and you might have fun with him. LOL

Take care.
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Cajun Pet

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