Importance of Sex  

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Importance of Sex

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Importance of Sex

While a majority (56 percent) of those individuals 45 and older agreed that a satisfying sexual relationship is important to one's quality of life, for most it wasn't the number one priority. Good spirits, good health, close ties with friends and family, financial security, spiritual well-being, and a good relationship with a partner were all rated as more important than a fulfilling sexual connection.

Not surprisingly, men place a higher value on sex than women do: 66 percent of men, compared with 48 percent of women, said that satisfying sex is important to their quality of life. This gender split changes, however, with age. In the 45-to-49 group, men and women place almost equal (and high) importance on sex. By age 60, though, the gender gap becomes a chasm: 62 percent of men, but only 27 percent of women, place a high priority on a satisfying sexual relationship.

Such findings may be misleading, argues Helen Gurley Brown, 83, the legendary former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and the author of the 1962 classic Sex and the Single Girl. "So many older women lack partners," she observes, "that they may just be making the best of a bad situation in saying that sex isn't all that important to them."

Having a partner doesn't guarantee happiness, however. The study found that nearly one third of men and women with partners ranked their sex life somewhere between "yawn" and "bloody awful." They didn't actually say they're bored, but they checked the box marked "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied." Which means "you're probably having a boring time in bed," says John E. Morley, M.D., director of geriatric medicine at St. Louis University.

On a more positive note, a majority (63 percent) of men and women with partners described themselves as either "extremely satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied" with their sex lives. And when all is said and done, it seems that having a mediocre sex partner is better than having no partner at all. Almost 40 percent of men without regular sex partners and 15 percent of women without regular sex partners rated their sex lives at the bottom of the satisfaction scale.

Men and women who are healthy and physically active report being more satisfied with their sex lives.

76% of 45-plus individuals say their sexual partner or spouse "loves me deeply."

51% of men and women surveyed reported having sexual thoughts, fantasies, or erotic dreams at least once a week.

8% of currently married men–but only 4% of women–admit to an extramarital affair.


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