G-spot Orgasms : The Deepest, Wettest & Wildest Ever  

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G-spot Orgasms : The Deepest, Wettest & Wildest Ever

~~~~~~ Welcome to Sexual Health and Sex Guide. ~~~~~~

By Deborah Sundahl - Female Ejaculation

Ejaculate Fluid is prostatic fluid from the female prostate – the G-spot!

All women have a prostate just as all men do. Therefore, all women can ejaculate. When stimulated, it's supporting erectile tissue fills with blood, and the prostate swells with ejaculate (prostatic fluid). The prostate and its surrounding erectile tissue is the G-spot.

The g-spot is not hard to find. Put your finger just inside your vagina and push up. There it is! Feel the ridges? Press gently but firmly all around it. Get to know your G-spot, and you CAN ejaculate cups full of erotic juices – if you choose to – because ejaculation can occur with an orgasm or without one.

Female Ejaculation anatomy

Latest Research by Dr. Gary Schubach
The term G-spot first came to public attention in a 1950 article by Dr. Ernst Grafenberg. He stated that during sexual arousal, the female urethra begins to enlarge and can be felt easily. "The most stimulating part is located at the posterior (back) urethra where it arises from the neck of the bladder."

What Grafenberg is saying is that this is the female homologue of the male prostate gland. The area on the upper wall of the vagina has been erroneously called the G-spot and would be better labeled the prostate Popular media has promulgated the notion of a spot on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina. The search for a spot on the anterior wall, as opposed to looking for the prostatethrough the anterior wall, may be contributing to the difficulty finding the G-spot and controversy as to whether it exists at all.

Ask Deborah - I've been trying for six months!

I bought your video,
'How to Female Ejaculate'
and I try and try, but no success.

Can you help?!


It seems some women just need to hear about female ejaculation and they drench the bed, while some women slave away with no results for their efforts. Don't despair! Learning to ejaculate is like putting rollers in your hair just the right way - all it takes is practice and a light touch.

Are you pushing out with your PC muscles just as you ascend the 'lip' of orgasm? This timing is key. Other women may need to try a different approach. Let the juices spill out rather than try to push them out. To do this, back off the vibrator and apply a massage like touch directly to the g-spot with fingers or a toy. Relax your body completely with deep breaths. Build the erotic feelings slowly and don't rush it.

Above all remember, ejaculation is a choice. You don't have to ejaculate. Pressure from yourself or your partner can dam the waters.
The Best Technique is Attitude
Years ago, men's and women's sexual responses were thought to be very different: men ejaculate, women don't; women have multiple orgasms, men don't. So, if a man was making love to a woman and all of a sudden, there was a big gush of liquid, she was often chastised for pissing in bed. Men turned off to ejaculate because of its association with urine, and women suppressed their natural ability to ejaculate because of this attitude. Women need encouragement to ejaculate, and that means an attitude adjustment about our body's fluids. The prevailing attitude we learned is urine, sweat and cum is dirty and unhealthy, and western religion has taught that women's sexuality is unclean. And AIDS has only ingrained this attitude deeper still. These negative attitudes are damaging to our sexual relations. Body fluids are natural and even provocative. The body is an incredible chemical organism and its beautiful

physical form venerated in art. It's fluids, by extension, are beautiful and healthful. The eastern spiritual religion of Tantra views women's bodies as temples. In fact, female ejaculate is considered a prize health tonic when rubbed into the body or drunk, invigorating and uplifting her male partner.

So, drink up guys! It smells pleasant and offering to sleep in the wet spot will not only make points, but be good for you, too.

- Victor Gold


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