A Nice Afternoon Part 4  

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A Nice Afternoon Part 4

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A Nice Afternoon Part 4

I stood up, and she place her arms around my chest between my arms, and planted a big french kiss, with our tounges doing a sexy battle. She start kissing and flicking my eye lids and started working her way down my down my face, covering both sides. She lifts up my shirt over my head, and lets it fall to the floor. She started on my neck, down across my chest, to my right nipple. She start nibbling, flicking, and then sucking my nipple, and repeating the pattern several times. She very slowly starts across my chest, teasing me to my left nipple, repeating the pattern.

She starts across my lower chest, working her way down to my navel, where she sticks her pointed tounge in as hard as she can, placing her hands around the cheeks of my ass, with her middle fingers playing with my anus. She starts flicking around then inside and ouside of my navel, then darting her tounge back inside my navel as hard as she can, and repeats it again,again, and again.

She unzipps my white linen shorts, unbottons my shorts, and lowers it to my feet. I lift each leg, and she put the shorts on the side of her. She goes across my lower stomach to my right thigh. She goes across my thigh down below my knee. She tells me to turn around so, she can do the back of my legs.

She start at the bottom of my calve, working her way across my calve, up to the top of my thigh. She start at the bottom of my cheek working her way up, across,and down several times, and ends at the top of the crack of my ass.

By this time my cock is so hard, it is almost painful, and my sack is so tight encasing my nuts, there is no way for them to move inside the sack. She then spreads the cheeks of my ass, and work her way down to my rose bud, guickly inserting her pointed tounge as far as it can go.

She then starts rimming me all around my rose bud, and then sticking her tounge as far as it will go again, repeating it for a couple of minutes. She then start working her way up my left ckeek, repeating what she did on back of my right side.

When she reached my lower calve, She tells me to turn, and started below my knee, and working her way north to my thight. By this time I was so full of lust, my cock throbbing very fast, that I wanted to pick her up, throw her on the bed, stuff my throbbing hard cock up her pussy, and fuck the ever living life out of her, until she passes out from total ecstasy. But I knew that she would bring out even more lust in me, giving me the ultimate pleasure a men could stand.

When she reached the top of my thigh, she centered her lips, an inch in front of the head of my cock, like it was a mircophone, and started blowing her hot breath across my now very big, hard, throbbing love tool. She says " you poor big boy has been so neglected, now I'm going to make it up to you, that you going to have the best time you ever had in your life, shooting the biggest load down my throat to my very horny sweet pussy".

Story to be continue.

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