A Nice Afternoon Part 1  

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A Nice Afternoon Part 1

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A Nice Afternoon Part 1

Early one morning I called my friend and lover after breakfast, to check in with her, and see how she was doing.
She asked me, if I had any plans for the afternoon, because she thought she would take the afternoon off, to relax
and do some light shopping. I told her I had some work I had to finish today, and could not take the whole afternoon off,
but I should be finished around two o'clock. I told her I would pick her up around three o'clock, and we could go shopping
together, and get some coffee.

I lucked out, and finished my project by one thirty. I went home to take a shower and change in more comfortable clothes.
Being it was summer and hot, I decided on a light blue causal pull over shirt, and a pair of white linen shorts.

I arrvied at her house 10 minutes early. I rang the door bell, and she answered the door right away, and gives me a big hug and a kiss, with our tounges duelling each other . When she released the hug, she breifly passed her hand over my semi-hard erection. She stated that
she was all ready to go. She was wearing a semi-transparent white blouse, with a very lacy pink bra, which you could
clearly see throught her blouse, with a very short shiny black skirt. She was not wearing any stockings or pantyhose, and told me very seductively, that she was not wearing any panties. I told her that I was not wearing my speedo also, as I lightly past my hand under her skirt, over her bald mound. She went in the kitchen to get her purse, and we left her house.

She wanted to go shopping at 2 stores, just for fun, and see what would catch her eyes. We browsed around the first store
and she bought three items she liked. She said she was now in the mood for some coffee, and to relax for a while. We went
to the closest coffee shop and talk for about an hour, while we were touching each other under the table, causing me a
huge erection standing ramrod straight.

She unzips my white linen shorts, to relieve my constriction. She quietly tells me she wants to suck my love tool so madly,
but the table cloth hanged only half way to the floor, prohibiting her from doing more. We decided to cool things off,
and wait until we could do what we really wanted to do.

We went to the next store she wanted to go to, which was the book store. We pretty much have the same interest in books, so it was fun shopping together, instead of us being seperated in different sections of the book store. We each chose two books, that we both liked. When one was finished reading the book, we let the other one have it to read, and then return it back.

She told me that she was ready to go home, and spend the rest of our time alone. She said that she wanted to fix me
something special for dinner, which she had already bought, after taking off from work.

When we arrived at her house, we went in by the kitchen, because she stated she was thirsty, and she needed something cold to drink. She asked me what I wanted to drink, and I said a glass of ice water was fine.

She grabs a glass out of the cabinet and walks over to the freezer. "I will fix yours first", she said. I am standing behind her as she opens the freezer door. She reaches in to get the ice in the back of the freezer, sticking part of her head in the freezer, causing her short shiny black skirt to rise, exposing the lower parts of her great ass.

Causing me to an instant huge erection, and great passion. I quickly unzip my white linen shorts, and release my hard throbbing love tool from it's constrained enclosure, standing ramrod straight. I engulf myself in her sweet juicy honey love hole
in one swift thrust, making slow mad passionate love to her, while her head is still in the freezer.

The heat of our passion, keeps her face and ears from being frostbitten. For she continued to have wave after wave of orgasmic releases, reaching higher and higher, above the clouds in heaven.

When her final realese happens,
after several hours of our slow passionate lovemaking. She gush out a loud moan of pleasure while I ejaculated one last time.

She bearly has enough engery left, to hand me my glass of ice water. We shared my drink, as we sat on the floor in front of the freezer, too exhausted to walk.

We cuddle each other, and started sharing how great it was.

Story to me Continue.

This is my first attempt at erotic fantasy writing.

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