cairocyrano 54M
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3/24/2006 6:09 pm

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2/25/2008 10:17 pm


from the darkness of a boudoir i watch you my goddess of love , woman among the women , mother daughter , roots of all our desires .
I wisper to your ears all my love and desire for you , i make love to you with my words till my words became soft kisses , soft caresses . My words are close to you , around you , searching in a blow the thrill of your skin ,the star light in your eyes .
Then those kisses , caresses , words wispered become a love act , in the pleasure we are linking each other in a holly life gift to you my goddess .
And then whatever for the time being is ,1 hour , 1 night or 1 life , you have been loved and beloved as the Unique Queen of this sweet secret world that is ours .
You will be in me forever you woman who is all the women .

huneyb4u 49F

3/26/2006 10:27 am

I feel your breath on my ear ... shuddering as your wispers move through my body ... mind is on fire ... heart is racing ... feeling your touch on my skin causes my loins to boil ... looking into your eyes my love ... I feel your passion ... it runs to the depth of your soul ... and matches with mine. We wait patiently for the day ... when we will finally come together and quench this thirst that has held us for so long. It is a test of our strength and our love ... we will show them what it is truly about.

All that I am is for you ... and so I wait.


cairocyrano 54M

3/27/2006 12:52 am

so sweet, so tender,so nice , precious thought for a promised time , thank you baby so much.

nora421000 53F

3/28/2006 1:21 pm

really you deserve this wonderful women.and I hope u meet her if u didnt yet.

huneyb4u 49F

3/29/2006 7:26 pm

Sweet nora ... thank you for your kind words. We know not each other, but I feel your tenderness. huneyb xoxo

cairocyrano 54M

3/30/2006 2:42 am

nora , Huneyb , sweet dear ladies ,
You , all of you , are this goddess , this is the way it has to be , to honor you , to love you.
You are the wise mothers of a better world
I thank so much for that

pfffffffffff7 55F
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9/30/2007 8:13 am

Cairocyrano ..

No comment .......


cairocyrano 54M

9/30/2007 9:32 pm

juste a vivre......... !*

lola798 58F
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10/5/2007 6:04 am

Veux bien essayer de le .. vivre .....hummmm

cairocyrano 54M

10/5/2007 9:30 pm

j'en serai heureux
merci de ce compliment

lola798 58F
951 posts
10/8/2007 5:32 am

bises Cathy

cairocyrano 54M

10/8/2007 9:11 pm


lola798 58F
951 posts
10/9/2007 5:31 am

Rien à ... sinon de .. t'embrasser ;;;;;;

BesomSprueValse 54F

2/25/2008 6:26 pm

to read a word of passio is a joy to feel them is a gift of life
life on lips touching so gently
gently at first then to build to passions fire and be quenched again only by the same passion that ignited it at first breath~
you have the words
are they true are they passion fire from lips to life
the breath of life is passion
you have the words they are beautiful they touch they affect
do they glow with a fire true
you have the words, one day to someone ...you will mean them
when is that day

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