Sybil and Spoon-fed Entertaiment  

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7/11/2005 6:18 am

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Sybil and Spoon-fed Entertaiment

Yesterday I added a bunch of sound FX samples to the big jam at the end of Dancing Now. Mostly sounds of war ‒ radio alerts, machine guns, and sirens. I hope to start Mickey Mouse World today.

In the afternoon I watched the movie Sybil, a true story about a girl who was tortured by her own mother. I saw the movie and read the book when I was in high school and it made quite an impression on me. I remember sitting in my 11th grade history class and trying to talk to my classmates about it. They seemed to think I was a little crazy. I don’t know if it was my way of communicating or that it just seemed odd for me to be interested in such things.

None of my classmates at Chief Logan high school seemed to be at all interested in anything outside of the prescribed school activities. No one read books for their own pleasure.

My high school experience was very odd. In 1979 in Lewistown, PA, the students lived in a bubble. No one seemed to be aware of the events of the 1960’s. Certainly no one had that revolutionary spirit. They were equally oblivious to Vietnam or Watergate. It’s hard to imagine but no one listened to Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or any of the classic rock bands that people drool over now. But they were certainly aware of John Travolta, the Bee Gees and Saturday Night fever.

The youth culture was completely under the influence of mainstream corporate spoon-fed entertainment and the shallow values that entertainment propagated. The most political entertainment is that which avoid politics at all cost. It is the greatest propaganda machine ever created to instill conformity in the American population. And to top it off, at the same they make them thank God they live in America where everyone is free.

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