Excerpt from Apology  

caeserpink 46G
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8/11/2006 7:59 pm
Excerpt from Apology

Tonight I dream of you. I dream of love in explosion. Right now I want to be inside you. I want to lick away your lips. Bite off your nipples. Ram your wettest of all cunts into oblivion.

So driving into the cornfield and throwing you over the hood of the Topaz didn't work out so well. We spent too much time laughing as the blanket I placed over the still hot metal began to slowly slide downward, pulling us towards the ground.
You still came violently. Me on my knees on the cool earth. My belly pressed against the grill. Scorpio and Orion shone above our heads. A warm breeze caressed our skin.

Did you know I could still taste the rancid flavor of the lubrication from the Trojan condom every time I inserted my tongue into your brown lips? Your lips are the most abundant I've ever known. Like two tiny elephant ears folded into a welcoming smile. It only took a few minutes of gentle sucking, my index finger inserted slightly into your anus, before your convulsed. With my face furtively buried I couldn't watch your expressions as I am so fond of doing.

Now tonight I am alone and dreaming, but Sasha know this thing - although you may be safely at home under the protective gaze of your mother and father, although you may be in another state hundreds of miles away - I am fucking you. I am fucking you every minute of every day. I am fucking you astrally, spiritually, mentally, symbolically, everything but physically, and I will be fucking you until the cosmos cease to expand and all of creation gravitates in on itself imploding into the lotus belly of the sleeping giant.

What's more Sasha, you know the secret we share. The secret which reduces the word 'fucking' to mere semantics which could never ever communicate what really takes place when our bodies lie together. That secret has enveloped every cell of my being and transformed me in a manner a billion years of evolution could never have accomplished. So hold that secret tightly in your bosom when you lay down to sleep, and know I am fucking you for now, and for ever more.

GoddessandSwan 57M/59F

9/6/2006 11:30 am

That is stunning.

Just stunning...

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