9/8/05 Grizzly Man  

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9/8/05 Grizzly Man

Last night I went to see the film Grizzly Man. It is a documentary about an x-actor who goes to Alaska to live with the wild bears. After 13 years one eats him.

The movie seemed to bring out the worst in Manhattanites. Throughout people were making sarcastic comments and the man behind me would burst into peals of high-pitched laughter at inopportune moments. It was a laughter that said, ‘You’re so un-cool and I am much more sophisticated.’

Admittedly that grizzly man’s naive enthusiasm made him seem a bit dopey. But imagine living your life in the wilds of Alaska with little human contact. Everyday a challenge to survive among the wild beasts. The foxes would come out of their dens and he would scratch the heads like they were puppy dogs.

When he spoke to his video camera his manner of speaking was that of a 1960’s children’s TV show host. In fact, during the winter months when the bears were hibernating he traveled to grade schools and taught the children about the bears free of charge.

The cynicism with which the New Yorkers viewed the film is a pet peeve of mine. The city is filled with people who would never have the courage to put themselves on the line, yet spend their time mocking those who do. I guess it is the other side of the same coin. They fear that if they express their ideas and emotions in a sincere manner that they will be mocked the way they mock others.

This attitude has poisoned the arts. So much artwork that one sees in New York is devoid of power because of these attitudes. It is an attitude that also pervaded alternative music and made it tend to be obtuse and boring. Particularly in a live setting.

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