8/19/05 Lewistown Calling  

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8/19/05 Lewistown Calling

Yesterday I had a recording session at Tin Man Studios. We put some guitar tracks on Lewistown Calling. The song is now ready to mix. It will be the first single and the first track on the CD. We did a rough board mix so I could listen to it and plan for the real mix. So far it sounds really good. The surf vocals and handclaps in the chorus really add a kick. The only thing holding up the mix is money for studio time.

Although it is a pretty raw punk song, it is also quite poppy. The only thing that ruins it is the lyrics, which are a litany of bad behavior. I want it to be the firs single because I feel like it explains where I came from. Kind of a personal introduction.

I was there and almost blew my mind
Nothin' to do but waste your time
Smokin' dope, poppin' pills
Brother you don't know how good it feels

Qualudes, tequila, Acapulca Gold
Drivin' round drunk with the tape deck on
Listenen' to that song that says "I hope I die before I get old'

My grildfriend threw her milkshake across the Burger King
Man, we just all began to scream
She was shopliftin clothes down on Market Street
Till the township police had to make the scene

When the girls got drunk they could all be had
On that dirty matress in the wharehouse pad
Tomrrow she'll be screamin' that you're just a dick
It didn't mean nothin' it was just for kicks

I don't care if this song corrupts the youth
I just wanna tell you the fuckin' truth
If you'ens don't know about the working class
You won't understand don't even ask
What is the reason, what is the cure?
Nobody knows what they're doin' it for
Now I'm older don't act that way
But deep inside I just gotta say
You're just nieve if ya think I changed

Every now and then it was vandal time
Smashin' cars, irrational crimes
Craig n' Spig, B.R. Ian and Ron
Let the straights all know that there's somethin' wrong

Qauluudes, Tequila and window pane
Man that shit can really fry your brain
Listen to that song that says 'There's no future, no future for you'
Sex and drugs and rock and roll
That's what we were livin' for
Sex and drugs and rock and roll

I’ve been thinking about putting a photo of an Elvis Presley lamp on the cover. That really says it all as far as rock and roll goes.
The title is a reference to the Clash’s London Calling, whose cover was a reference to Elvis’ first album.

Last night I went to the Charleston to watch their open mic night.
The place was empty except for one guy with a folk guitar who just played the whole night. Every song he sang was a low self-esteem pity party. It was all a bore. The Charleston was the first bar in the area. It’s been there since the 1930’s, but I guess it’s not hip enough for the Williamsburg bohemes.

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