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For the last two days I’ve been working on the recording of Dancing Now. It’s a song I wrote when I was eighteen years old. I suppose it was the first song I ever wrote. My old punk band Friction recorded a version of it in 1984. That version was in more of a pop-ska style than the Orgy’s version.

When I originally wrote the lyrics, the chorus was a reference to the punk movement. Many people at that time thought the punk movement might become a national political movement like in the 1960’s. When Friction would go play in clubs I didn’t really see anything political going on, just middle class kids drinking and dancing. Hence the lyrics:

We’re dancing now
But we could be shooting
We borrow now
Soon we may be looting

Last night Miss H and I went to see the film Dark Water. It was a pretty dark film that didn’t seem to follow any of the usual themes found in mainstream movies. Perhaps its Japanese heritage can be thanked for that. So many films end with a message of embracing family. I guess it might be said that Dark Water plays against that theme. Everyone in the film comes from a seriously broken family, and the result of this escalates towards more havoc and heartache.

Politically these days it seems the outcast position is the center. It is the position no one is speaking for. Even though we hear so much about the right and left in the culture wars, most people fall somewhere in the middle. Not that many take the extreme views of the right or left. Where elections are concerned ignoring the center makes no sense at all.

There is about 30% of the population that votes Republican no matter what yahoo they put up for office. There is another 30% that will vote Democrat just as dogmatically. There are about 10% who are totally disconnected. And there is about 30% of the population somewhere in the center. These are the people that decide the elections.

Democrats would be wise to go after those in the center if they ever want to win another election. This was a key to Clinton’s success. Triangulation he called it.

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