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3/27/2006 6:07 am

Finally it appears that spring might break. These last two months have been brutal. Nothing but work from morning to night. The grind makes you dead inside. No time to write, meditate, or even digest a thought or stand back and reflect on where you are. That’s how one gets lost.

When I am not doing business work I am working on Imperial Orgy promotion. The radio campaign is receiving a lukewarm response. We have about 50 stations playing the CD, but without much enthusiasm.

It is amazing how conservative college radio has become. College radio used to actively support artists who differed from the norm. Now there is a sound and a formula that you must adhere to. Every day we receive comments such as; “It just wouldn’t fit in.”

Why do mediocre minds always move towards and try to protect conformity? I suppose Nietzche would have a ready answer.

And although the CD contain no swear words, no references to sex, drugs, or violence, and no overt political references, it has been banned by many stations. Although when press goes to these stations to ask them about it they have not only denied banning it, they also denied ever seeing the CD or speaking to us about it. Even a station that was playing the CD denied seeing it or speaking to us about it when the press people spoke to them. They’re just cowards I suppose.

One station would only play it if they could call us “Caeser Pink.” They are too afraid of the FCC to say the name The Imperial Orgy.

Another station said they couldn’t play it because “DJs aren’t intelligent enough to say the word Orgy without giggling and saying something else they shouldn’t.”

It is a strange country we live in: land of the brave, home of the free. But don’t stand out or you’ll be beaten to a pulp.

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