2/8/06 Dirty Lenin  

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2/8/2006 6:07 am

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2/8/06 Dirty Lenin

It seems that for weeks I’ve done nothing but sit at the computer and do business work from mornign till night. Last night at 7PM I got an email that one of my clients, a band called ISM, was doing a showcase in Manhattan, an hour later at 8PM. I decided to just get up and go check it out.

It was at a club called Crash Mansion on the Bowery, right down the street from CBGB’s. First I had to talk my way through the door because I didn’t feel like paying the 8-dollar cover charge when I expected the bands to suck,

When I got there the bands were doing sound-check. I met their label exec, (who owes me a $1500 check) and soon the thing became a schmooze fest as he and his people drilled me for info about the music business and such.

I had a drink or two and the first band came on called Dirty Lenin. They had two chick singers and some older guys on bass and drums. The lead singer was a scrappy blonde that played guitar and seemed impressed with herself every time she played the right notes, and the second singer was a red head who looked like a younger, hipper Bette Midler and played keys and saxaphone.

Usually when I go see bands at clubs they are all so boring that I can’t stand it, but this band was really fun. They had interesting song structures, good energy onstage, and I kind of zest that makes you feel excited.

By the time their set was over I was a bit buzzed from the Vodka. The lead singer chick, her name is Renee, came over to talk to me. She was attractive and nice, but with the loud music I just couldn’t hear a damn thing she was saying. She’s talking away and I’m nodding my head, but I got no idea what it’s all about.

I’m not sure why sometimes I push people away that I’m attracted to, I should have asked her to join me at a table away from the noise, but instead I cut her off and said, “It’s really nice to meet you, I’ll try to contact you through your website.’

Afterwards I went upstairs and out to the street to use the cellphone. I called my friend Marnie. On the streets the air was cold and I felt drunk and desperate and very alive. I left Marnie a hungry, incoherent message and went back down.

When ISM came on, I was quite surprised that I liked them as well. Usually I hate modern alternative stuff, but they had really good songwriting and great stage presence. I was really impressed.

Today it’s back to the computer, but tonight I am going to a Grammy party thrown by the recording academy. Lots of free booze and a room full of wanna-bees peacocking it for nobody but each otther. Should be a good time all around. Last year I met David Bowie's guitar player Carlos Alamar who is also the head of the Academy.

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