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Yesterday was a brutal day for business work. I must have called a hundred radio stations. By 6PM I was half delirious.
At 7PM I had a recording session. I think we got a final mix on Rabid and Brave New Hymn. We also began work on In America. I was get down to the final songs in the project it’s been exciting to find that the forgotten ones are coming out so well. We have to finish within 90 days when the studio moves locations. As years of working on the things it will be a relief.

A friend of mine in State College owns a large restaurant. He buys lots of ad space on the local radio stations. The local rock stations had been kissing his ass to start an expensive new ad campaign. He offered to use in influence to get the Orgy’s CD into rotation.

We’ve been emailing locals on Myspace to email requests to the station. The CD is so outside what’s usually played on commercial radio that it takes a lot of audacity to even think they would consider it. But I feel like acting on instinct, and moving on blind faith.

I heard from Jodi last night. Two years ago when she came to New York she fell asleep on the plane and some guy put his hand up her skirt. Yesterday the sentenced the guy to pay a $5,000 fine, 5 years probation, and 500 hours of community service.

I also heard from Joy yesterday and heavy duty Buddhist. She is now a yoga teacher. She thanked me for introducing her to Eastern religions back so long ago. I must admit I feel a bit bitter about that point. At a time when I really wanted to share that part of myself with someone, she turned a deaf ear to me. The social circle we were a part of were so sarcastic and mocking of such things that I kept it all very private.

These don’t I don’t seem to have the need to share in that way. What I choose to share, I share through art and music. I don’t look for anything in return or look for such things on a personal level.

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