cabbie691000 49M
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4/4/2006 12:49 am

Why did it have to happen today?All i'm after is an easy day with some terrific sex thrown in and them .....BAM... my car decides it don't wana play!

O well, as I'm so fucking horny, i'll have to spend the next half hour on my knees, cock in hand,wanking as I think about some of the delicious women who have made the offers in my cab.

Some I have taken up.Some i have had to turn down.then there's some who are so fucking unbelievable, you have to think twice.

Today was gona be one of those days. She is sexy,adorable,gorgeous and she wants me to fuck her after ive eaten her delectable pussy!

God, my cock is sooooo hard now!As i look at it,gota admit it's perfectly shaped and feels so nice when i stroke it as i type.

Now ive finally put this here, i wonda who will read it and then say something to me in my taxi as i drive around barrow.i'd love a woman to tell me she read this them fantasized about my tongue carressing her clit as i played with her nipples.

FUCK FUCK FUCK, here it comes....omg.....

that was such a load.

goin to try to fix the car now.gota let this be the start of a GREEEEAAAAATTT day coz i'm so fucking horny and aroused now, it'd be a shame to let it go to waste!!!!

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