What my dream date would be  

butteredbun 56F
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5/14/2006 8:45 am
What my dream date would be

would like to chat to some real men on this site and get to
know a few. When I understand what goes on I will arrange
to meet one of them.

We will meet in a pub, My husband and I will be sat in the pub
waiting. Our guest will arrive and chat with us for 1/2 an
hour. If we fancy each other for real we will hold hands and
tell my husband to leave us and sit at the bar.

If we continue to fancy each other and discuss what we would
like to do then I will ask my new lover to call my husband over
and tell him to get us more drink and deliver them then fuck
of again.

When we are ready to leave we will signal to my husband to
clear the table and then all leave together.

My husband will drive while we get in the back and commence
a snogging session.

Eventually we will arrive at our destination. Once in side
my new lover will instruct my husband to get changed into
his stockings and suspenders and maids outfit and make
us drinks.

My new lover will then take me onto the settee and slowly
remove my clothes and kiss me all over until I tremble.

I will lower my lips onto the massive cosk which is presented
to me for the first time. I will suck it until it is fully hard.

When we set off upstairs my lover will shout for his slave
to follow us and recive the answer yes master.

Once in the bed room I will lay on the bed and open my legs wide
to take my lovers full volume of cock. My hubby will be told
to come over and open my lips to make entry smooth. While
is holding my lips open my lover asks him to recite the following.
My husband begs my lover to take me and please me like he never
could he begs to be allowed to watch and see how a real man
makes love to a woman.

My lover tells him to fuck off and go downstairs and clean
the house and polish his shoes.

My lover and I then make love in a very slow way and I come and
come on his movement which excite my pleasure spots that
I did not know I had. The pace increases and I can see form
my lover face that he is close to coming. I cry out to him to
fuck me like like no one else can. I cry out he is so powerful
that I an bursting with pleasure. I come again and again
anf finally again when I feel my lovers hot cum spurt hig
into my fanny.

we lay there for a while gentally kissing and feeling each
outher. We start to get worked up again and with a little
sucking my lovers cock starts to harden again. My husband
is called upstairs and my lover just says slave clean the
pussy. My husband performs his duty and licks at my fanny
and the cum running out past the stretched walls. My lover
pushed the back of his head and shoves is face telling him
to make sure he does a good job.

My lover then says slave stop and back away. He then tell
him to sit on the chair next to the bed and watch your wife
suck a fat cock and then cum when she rides a real man. I then
rais of the bed to take my lovers fat cock in my hand and start
to pum it and lick the knob end. I bounce my head up and down
gagging on ots length. I look at my husband who is playing
with his small shaven willy with very wide eyes of disbelife
that a man can have a real cock.

I then sit on my lovers cock and ride it up and down lifting
by bum up and down to get the deepest penetration. I am now
sobbing with please with cum after cum rocking through
my body. Eventually I sit still while my lover empties his
big balls for a second time.

I get of my stallion and move across the room to sit on my maids
face and tell him to lick it good. My fanny is red hot from
the pleasure it has recieved.

I return to the bed as cuddle my lover and tell him out load
that I have never had such a good time. My lover calls his
slave over while he places his thumb and finger around his
cock and squeezes all our mixed cum off his cock and then
presents the residue to the slave and just says one word.

My husband is then told to fuck off and clean the bath room.
After about 30 min sleep on my lovers chest we decide it time
to end our first meeting.

We fix a second date and discuss what my lover want me to arrive
in next week. We get up and go down stairs followed by the
slave. he makes us coffee and gets down before us such that
we can rest our feet on his back.

When coffee is finished we get dressed and make preperation
to depart. My lover asks my hubby if he enjoyed the evening
and if so he should show gratitued and bring me back next

Which he will no worries. On departing my lover gave me a
kiss which made my heart miss a beat.

He told my hubby that he should bring me to stay over all night.
This would also result in a massive increase in humiliate
for him.

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