bustychick4U2 38F
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8/5/2006 9:19 pm

I finally got a car!!

My dad called before he came home from work one night and asked what I would like better a Thunderbird or a van. Ha, I said the van cuz I would feel safer driving it. He came home with a sweet GMC Safari green and in great condition.

Now I can get around on my own with out relying on other people or my family!!!!

I am so happy and it seems to get great gas milage too!!!

Well bye for now I wanna get some rest or just have a few drinks before bed since someone won't call to give me their right number so I can call him to see when he wants me to come down and see him. O-WELL.

That and I don't work tomorrow so I can have some drinks and sleep in if I wanna!!!

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