First day of work.....  

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6/21/2006 7:39 am

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First day of work.....

Today is my first day of work. I applied yesterday for a job in a deli just down the road from where I live now. It is something I enjoy because I get to interact with people and it is something I have lots of experience with.

I went in asking for an app and when I said I was 27 with experience she had me fill it out right there. Then I got a call like three hours later asking me to come in today and do some training. So at 10:00 I will be there and the best part is I can walk and get all the exercise I need or want really!

So I may not be chatting as much now but I will probably write about my days and who I meet in the little deli. I was actually surprised when I saw how nice it is inside. I was expecting a little hole in the wall place but it has neat tables and a nice prep area. Yeah I think I will be happy there as long as they are happy with my work. Which I am sure they will be.

As far as whats going on in my life I am just taking things one day at a time now, though I look forward to this weekend as long as I don't have to work. (crosses fingers) But even if I do I can go to the lake at night and be dropped back off in the morning if need be!

The big adjustment will be when I start opening for them at 7:00am. But I can do it I will just have my sis wake me up and drive me since she leaves at seven for work herself, we will just leave a bit earlier.

So for now my friends will find me behind the counter in the little deli in Cobb. As soon as I know the name of the place I will let you know but there are not allot of places in Cobb much less delis...he-he. So I won't be hard to find.

But I must say people who are interested in meeting me should realize I will be at work so if you want to come in and see me you will have to be patient as I will be working and won't go out of my way to sit down and socialize.

As for me I will be happy just putting some money in my pocket again. He-he.

I will probably be back after work to let you know how things went and what I think of the place!!

Till then be happy and have a GRRREAT day!!

GossipJunkie 40F

6/21/2006 8:09 am

Good luck on your first day.


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