Fantasy fun in the park.  

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10/17/2005 12:20 pm

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Fantasy fun in the park.

I was waiting for him at the stop sign. He was driving a black blazer he said. I
watched every car come down the street. He was ten minutes late and I leaned on
the cold hard pole.

The sun was moving higher into the sky and morning was slipping away. I sighed
and walked down the street a ways then walked back. A horn honking startled me
and I looked up. His grinning face met my eyes as I saw his blazer had pulled up to
the side of the street.

"Care for a ride?" He asks.

I smile a seductive and eager grin and climb into the waiting black vehicle. There is a
basket and a large blanket in the back and I smile. He remembered that I had said we would be going on a pick nick for our first 'date'. I look over at him, sizing him up. He is very well built and dark skinned. I can already picture what he will look like
naked, if it got that far.

He catches me gazing at him and boldly reaches over, placing his hand high on my thigh. He slides his hand toward the inner of my leg and my skin is electrified. I smile and he moves his hand back to his own leg. I notice he is bulging in just the right areas.

We drive out of town to the dam and fish hatchery. There we find a beautiful spot under the cover of a few trees and lay out the blanket. He has packed a nice small basket with strawberries and whipped cream and any other edible toppings. Also a bottle of white wine to ease the tension of a first meeting.

We sit on the blanket next to each other and talk about some of the things on our mind. He feeds me a strawberry and I seductively take it. Things are going well and he likes what he sees. I sit toward him and let him know I am interested in moving on now.

He takes my subtle hint and his hands find my leg. He caresses my thighs with his fingers and leans closer to me. We kiss slow at first then more passionately. I let my hands explore his body as I know he has no complaints. I feel his tight muscles on his chest and slide down to the top of his jeans.

His other hand has found my voluptuous breasts and he is exploring the hard nipples over the silky cloth of my shirt. My body is aching for him not to stop. He reaches for the buttons and quickly has them opened. His hand is groping the soft flesh of my breasts. My body warms all over with his every trace. I lay my self on the blanket and let him devoured my body with his hands. They feel like tiny electric massages
as he touches me. He rubs strawberry all over my nipples and sucks the sticky sweetness off. Then adds a little whipped cream, the dessert and devours that, leaving no trace of the fluffy goodness.

He runs his hand down to the top of my pants and soon has them unbuttoned. He reaches down into them and explores the heated damp areas that cause me to moan gently. His body shifts and he positions his bulging crotch to my face and smiles. I can't wait to get his pants off and taste his cock in my mouth. His shaft is large,
larger than any I have had before. My tight pussy cringes at the anticipation of having him inside me, but maybe later.

I take my time with his hard cock. Licking it and tasting it. Running my tongue around the shaft getting it all lubricated as I ready my own mouth for his penetration.

I let my lips slip tightly over the head of his cock and he moans with pleasure. I slide
up and down taking in as much of him as I can. He leans back letting his body enjoy the feeling, but using his fingers to make my pussy hot and wet. He gently slides my jeans down exposing the sheer thong I chose to wear. He presses his lips to the wet material and blows on the wet pussy below. He then teasingly pulls and slides my
thong then slides them down as well and after a moment his lips find there way to my waiting vagina. His tongue now playing with my lips and clit. I moan again and lift my pussy deeper onto his tongue.

His lips part and his tongue darts into the wet lips in front of him. My tongue curls
around his cock and I moan with deep pleasure. His body presses against mine his face between my legs and gripping for more. My mouth swallows and takes his cock deeper into my throat. My reflexes hold off and I find he is easy to suck, his hard shaft easing deeper and deeper. He moans and thrusts his shaft into my mouth like
he is fucking it.

“Can I cum in you?” He asks lifting his face from my pussy.

I shove his face back down with a moan to answer and he takes that as a 'yes'.

His cock stiffens deep in side my throat and I grab his balls, rubbing them and pulling on them. He moans and his balls contract in my hand. His cock pulses then his balls move again and his dick pulses again. The pulses throb in my mouth and I await the powerful thrust that sends the spray of cum into my mouth. I hold it as I do not swallow and let him finish cumming in my mouth then quickly I spit the cum on to
the waiting napkin I held. His body relaxes and he plays with my pussy keeping it wet for his cock to penetrate, if I were to say I was ready. I swallow a swig of wine then find his lips for a deep kiss. I can taste my pussy juice on his lips and kiss him deeper. He moans again and I grab his stiffening cock again. Ready to keep going as I have yet to cum.


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