bustychick4U2 37F
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4/25/2006 11:29 pm

The game of chase starts in grade school. You learn to play early in life and some get good at it while others always loose.

I have become good at the chase, just not good at the capture. Maybe some day I will and then I will have what ever it has been that I have been chasing since grade school.

For now I must stop running around in circles and find my adversaries weakness. If he has none then I must find a new angle. Perhaps lye in wait till they stumble upon me.

I have gone through life thinking there must be something wrong with me since no one has ever stayed in my life long, but now I see that nothing stays the same for long and all things must change.

As for this game of chase, well I am going to leave that on the school yard and just take each day as they come, finding whatever may be hiding behind each tree, bush, corner and wall.

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