Another memory...  

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5/24/2006 2:26 pm

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Another memory...

Hee hee....

As I was sitting around thinking about my week with Vald I remember how he took my ass for the first time.

I had let my ex go there a few times but he was nowhere near as thick as Vald or as good at using his tool.

It was painful but fun and we didn't even have lube. He was gentle but he wasn't taking my feeble 'No's seriously and I am glad he didn't.

It wasn't till the next night when he took me again and then I had the best orgasm I EVER had. It was definatly different and better than I thought.

Now he says he will do it again because he knows I enjoyed it so. I am scared of the pain but I will enjoy it just the same and the next time I will use lube and maybe there won't be as much pain unless he penetrates all the way. If he goes in just enough then I will probably beg for more but we will see!!

I can't wait to experiance another woman and I hope that will be as fun as I want it to be. I am sure Vald looks forward to that as well since I have never been with a woman like that before.

I haven't had sex since I left Valds' place and that has been a while so I am feeling frustrated and doing myself just seems to make things worse!! I want to feel someone inside me and I want it to be him!!!

I would even enjoy him brining a friend home and letting me have a feel for two guys at the same time...Well if he is okay with that as well. If not then maybe he wouldn't mind another couple that way he has another pussy to pound as I get my enjoyment. If he is not interested in either I am sure he will saticfy my urges just fine since we fucked like everyday that I was there!! And his was phenominal!!

I will just have to wait till I see him again to run these ideas by him!! and hopefully he is willing to let me do some exploring!!! And do it with me!!!

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