I'm a Sub  

burnout_girl2 62F
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6/11/2006 1:35 pm
I'm a Sub

Well another day another life. lol I enjoy being who I am and doing what is asked of me. I enjoy being hurt sometimes but not all the time. My master I have now is really not so bad when you get right down to it. I have been reading steel-doo.com and its told me quite abit about this lifestyle and we're not that much different from what i have been reading in this articl. Well some of the things that go on yes are a little harsh and do not have to occur, but most masters have there own advantage points in this and mine is no different really. I will obey and do as asked then all is ok and forgotten. We get along and this is the soul point of this isn't it? I do not intend to keep searching for the right master as is there really a perfect master. One that will love you forever and do as you wish someday? I don't know if this is possible really. Some do I know go on to get married and live they're lives to the fullest. Maybe someday this will happen for me, but if not then I have learned alot and gotten what I wanted from this match. After all he is my master and I am his sub. This is all thats important right now.

SirMounts 102M

6/21/2006 1:16 am

A very warm welcome to blogging, burnout girl. *smiling*

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