What a nice surprise  

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What a nice surprise

Please pardon the interruption in my last blog. Curtis, a new friend from my home state of NC was in town and dropped in to say hello...tell you more about that later (wink).

To continue. We're now into early Fri morning when PMM (professional married man) emails me once again asking to meet. Did I mention he says his name is Bob and the emails coming from him say Bob Searcy? OK..keep that in mind. (NOT the mustang Bob Searcy though for you guys who know who the REAL Bob Searcy is)

OK, let's face it. I have long wavy/curly Janis Joplin type of hair when left basically attended. In order for it to be as nice looking as in the picture here, it takes 2 hours of Ironing. Pain in the ass. Don't get me wrong - I do care about my appearance - I most certainly do. But all ladies can tell you there are days that your face needs a rest from the makeup and your hair needs a break from the heat.

So now I am at the point where I have to do the "work presentation" to meet a married man that I already have strong reserves about meeting to begin with. -2 points from the "get".

Alright, so I go through the drill - hair, makeup, pressing of clothes; then drive to the restaurant. His profie sayshe is annoyed with women who are not on time...so I make it a point to be there on time. I arrive 5 minutes prior to the agreed time and wait...he is the one that is late. But what's 5 minutes in the course of one's life? Just wanted to point out that when someone is anal about promptness, it pays to be so yourself.

OK - immediate first impression was a no go. Conversation was interesting. The Salad bar met with my approval. OK, so as the conversation continued, his eyes and demeanor became somewhat magnetic. He was in business attire, complete with tie. Hesitant to tell me his profession, we discussed business in generic terms. In the midst of sharing "our story" there was a brief pause, then he asked" so do you have a bush or do you keep your pussy shaved?" All I could think was if I had one of those yahoo emoicons that shook its head back and forth in surprise, now would have been the perfect opportunity to use it. I said "Excuse me"? He said "you heard the question" then laughed. I said "maybe". He says "maybe what - shaved pussy or bushy?". in my head I am thinking WTF? NO room for discovery here, is there? So I said, usually shaved. Then he pursued it further stating he really preferred bushy I'll never let it grow to bush stages again gents...sorry and once again he asked "so what stage is it out right now? And I replied "about three days growth" He says - "nice!." NICE? Come on guys, you know when you fuck a chick that usually shaves and three days growth is out there, its like dragging your cock through a thorn bush. Nice? geesh. Then I though - well, that was pretty damned hot actually for him to ask that all dressed up in a public place...surprising comments like that can be rather hot you know. So the magnetics increased a tad....

I decided to go ahead and invite him over, no promise of more. He had asked what my favorite thigns were...what did I like, etc. I wasn't sure what he meant because as surprisingly tactless as he was before, he didn't really ask specifics as related to sex or "things". He did ask what I liked to drink, Mondoro wine is my favorite sparkling Asti, so I told him MODORO mistakenly - LOL. Bless his heart, PMM went on a scavenger hunt for a wine I had left the "N" out of. GOt to love a man who wants to please someone he just met and doesn't really know.

I'm a couple of days behind in this blog so I am kicking up pace a little, may leave out some details, but here we go....

OK, he arrives (LATE) saying he needs to have a few drinks first to loosen up. (read my profile about that topic). ALARM#1 goes off. He kisses me immediately. I really loved that. Really loved it! Then we laugh about the wine chase. As the evening progressed, I became more and more attracted to this PMM. He wore shorts and a button down shirt...looked good. He even came in the door with cigarettes for me, which for a non smoker, that is a stretch and I appreciated that as well. Did I mention Chinese food? Yes, this PMM came to court me. All that was missing was flowers to make this fairy take complete.

The evening continues and laughter is in the air, great conversation, and there was absolutely no reservations in my head as to what I was about to do with this PMM that systematically was winning me over.

We went into the bedroom, candles burning, music playing and became one in a manner that most first fucks never happen. It was very pleasant. His kisses were divinely pressured, his hands like magic. He ate my pussy like I'd never had it eaten before, taking his time, discovering what I enjoyed and pursued it wonderfully as a taskmaster with a trophy waiting at the end of his journey. His cock, although a bit under my required elements, was a beautiful artwork. He was elementally taking one stage at a time to please me as I was pleasing him. He'd mentioned he'd never had his balls licked before. WHAT? HEY LADIES...lick the balls - they guys LOVE IT! Gently though...very sensitive area there! I kissed his inner thighs and ran my tongue down to just before his knees as he moaned with pleasure telling me that no one had ever treated him this way before. I would much prefer to make love than fuck...this one got the love making end of the Blaze...and I was loving it. He had amazing control and climax became secondary to the experience itself in his mind. He enjoyed my mouth on his cock, as I fluttered my tongue in every imaginable combination of pleasure while ever so gently touching his balls and allowing free hand to roam his thighs and chest. As I was giving his cock my full attention he says "a man will give a woman anything she wants when she does what you are doing to me..what do you want, tell me, anything you want and it's yours". I had given him a list of favorites - perfume, drinks, etc. He says "what do you want form that list - tell me - it's yours". I looked up and said "Favorite things aren't exactly a priority with me right now" he says well what then..CASH?SHIPS ALARMS GO OFF - PROSTITUTE CONFUSION ALERT. Damn, in my head I am saying - shit, no money for rent..I am about to be evicted - hmmm - maybe I should say yes...the angel on my shoulder was telling me HELL NO BITCH - don't whore yourself out like that...Gifts are gifts...if he wants to give you something, it needs to be unsolocited. - So I decided just to continue the cock sucking and not answer THAT at all. (was tempting though). NOw let me clarify something right here. I have REAL trouble accepting things like money . I am a very independent person and I am going through a rather difficult time. He just said CASH while I was polishing his crome...not the best timeing there. So yes, if he offered in friendship, I would accept his help. But NOT for anything in return unless when I am better fotted, I can pay him back. If ANYONE wants to donate to the Keep the Blaze burning fund - email me - we'll talk. If I had a dollar for every contact I've had here in the last 6 months - I'd have over $4500 to burn. hmmm..now that is thought provoking.

Meanwhile, back at the Blaze....
We did some fucking - it was great, but he kept losing rigidity so we would continue to change off to other pleasurable activities so as not to lose momentum. I have a preference in male dominant positioning that requires the man to be in "push up" posture...arms up - weight off of me. This PMM preferred to lay exactly on me and a little off to the side. Because of the limitations of his artwork, full penetration never happened...I'm deep and when juicy - wide as well.

As he went down on me again, I could feel the pressure building as not once, or twice, but the third elemental climax arose - it was the pinnacle of the evening. After 4 hours of non stop romantic embrace and intimacy - yes girls - 4 hours - we relaxed in each others arms and exchanged words of pleasure. He relayed that this experience was the best he'd ever had and "Oh Blaze, You are the best" came across his lips (typical line, I know, but it is nice to hear). Regardless, this was a wonderful experience. (Men, you can leave that shit out if you want - there's just nothing worse than false BS - you'll see why in a minute or two - keep reading)

PMM's profile says he is a student of the woman...believe it. It's true. He will not stop until he has found your pleasure on multiple occasions within the same evening. He states that eating pussy is his all time favorite activity. 2 thumbs up to that!

Evening ended with a repeat invitation, but this time to be introduced to my two best friends [810couple] and if a party from there insued, all the better. If not, he'd at least get to meet my best friends and see how we all got along. I love an OCCASIONAL party with friends, but as my profile states, I prefer monogamy over swinging every time. (BURN THAT KNOWLEDGE INTO YOUR BEING GRASSHOPPER) While in the shopping stages, I do use a foursome to weed out the fuckmongers and the gentleman with a good bedside manner and can easily choose who knows tasteful parameters and move on from there (fair warning).

Saturday was filled with household routine and reflection of the evening before. I had talked to 810couple and shared my evening with her. I told her I thought she would enjoy this PMM's pussy eating talent and asked if she would be up to meeting him along with her mate, my best friend who doesn't have an individual profile on here (that I know of). So I invited them over for drinks and a possbile play date.

Oh yeah, through conversation and some independent sleuthing on Saturday...I discover BOB isn't BOB at all, but his REAL name is John. The entire evening I was moaning someone elses name and THIS, GENTLEMAN, is a HUGE error in judgement to make. [size4]If you are going to fuck someone, they deserve to know your FUCKING REAL NAME I will refer to him from this point on as either PMM, John-Bob or just Bob. I sent him an email to relay my discovery and ask for confirmation..he confirmed stating that since he was married, and had a high profile job, he chose to be annonymous until he felt the "time was right" to tell me. I still couldn't believe I fell victim to that. I will require ID from this point on..so if you want to whip your dick out, you'd better have ID on you! DAMN. You fucking heartless tacky men and your egos!

....another good reason not to fuck with married men ladies...

Sat night - PMM is late, again. OK, so the gang's all here, conversation insues. Patti, the other half of 810couple has an intoxicating personality while her partner, my good friend "Stiggy" is a quiet type but has a wild side too. I was really surprised how much we laughed together Sat night. Our conversations began as basic "stuff", then were openly sexual and Stiggy brought his camera to capture the moment on digital. Patti and I are starting up our own pages on www.southerncharms.com and we need pictures of sexual encounters to feed the men there I do say that whoever becomes my LTR needs to be open to that...(another fair warning).

In the middle of great conversation. laughter and the like, Bob leans over and tells me whisperingly..."I'm not wearing any underwear". WOO HOO - gotta love a hot little hint like that, huh gals? Usually its the reverse role, but it's hot when it comes from men too! He's such a flirt.

So Patti begins to pose for her partner, raising her skirt, showing her pussy and "Bob" is getting into it; grabbing the lamp from the end table to cast better light. We are laughing our asses off all the while - BOB laughingly became her shot director while Stiggy snapped pics. Did I mention a professional musician friend of ours popped in to visit before all of this began LOL? We scared the hell out of him, or embarrassed him enough he left after thihngs started heating up and he knew he wasn't invited

Bob decides to take off his pants...yep - just like that he says "I'm taking off my pants" - and there they went and became floor covering.

So as luck would have it, Stiggy's batteries die on his camera..so I pull my camera out...SHIT - mine are dead as well. Well day-em. OK, so anyhow, things progressed to Patti giving Stiggy head in the recliner, "Bob" and I making out, and then I suggested we all just go get comfy on the king Bed in my room...so off we go and the entaglements begin. I need to cut to some chases here for the sake of time, and just say all had a wonderful time...and then when 810couple had to leave...the whammy #1 hit.

I hear Bob tell Patti - Oh baby you are the best". (cough - HERE's the reason to leave th eBS in the car, guys) So I lift up my head from Stiggy's crotch and say "I thought you said I was the best"?. Bob laughs and replies "you aren't supposed to be listening". Stiggy looks at me and gives the look best friends know to be the one of suspicion and alarm between friends that is only spoken in "eyebrow lingo". Moments later, Bob whispers to Patti while Stiggy and I are "cleaning up", I'd like to see you again alone, but don't say anything". He may have whispered it, but Stiggy and I both heard it. Then aloud, Bob says "I'd like to do this again, what do you think Patti, would you like me to eat your pussy like that again and go for "O" number 3? Patti says "Sure...we can make this a regular "thing" if you like." Thing is folks, neither her nor Bob asked me or Stiggy our opinion on the matter, and after we both overheard Bob ask to see Patti independently, we both looked at each other again with the eybrow communication system in place.
There is a certain respect given to couples when involved in a foursome. In case you don't know it, here is the deal. You DO NOT under any circumstances ask another mans wife/woman's husband to see her independently without dicussing it as a group. Failure to do so is hazardous to a relationship, and possibly your health. Couples who agree to play together have a basic understanding of respect between partners, you may exhacnge fluids, but when the party is over, each respective couple stay a couple and do not attempt to fuck the other's partner separately. RESPECT IS KEY. Second rule - you do NOT discuss making a new playdate without the other people in the conversation. If you read my profile, it specifically says I enjoy the OCCASIONAL PARTY with trusted friends. OK, so now Bob has lit the sky with a blaze of dishonour to the play scene...needless to say - that is NOT happening EVER again. Any chance of a relationship is now in the tubes. I should have known from the very beginning and trusted my gut on this from the start.

So Patti and Stiggy leave, Bob stays and tells me how much he enjoyed the evening then asks if I mind if he sees Patti independently. I basically review my profile with him and remind him that I meant exactly what I said. I want a LTR and an occasional party is fine. I love Christmas too, but it only comes once a year. If he wants to pursue my best firend independently, without consult of her mate, schedule playdates without consulting the other partners and refuses to have pictures taken of himself...he needs to just move on and mark this up as another wild weekend. I was very clear about what I wanted, I took a chance on a PMM, and it wasn't long to discover that he thinks with his dick, and not with his head. And gentleman, intelligence and solid reasoning ability is the most successful aphrodesiac(sp) there is. If you don't have that...the thrill is gone. I give Bob their number, invite him to go with his desire and I should not have been more disappointed than I as at the moment the door was closed. So Bob leaves.

I call Patti, explain to her what I had said, talked with Stiggy and Patti was under the impression he had already talked to me first before inviting independent play (but when would I have had the chance while sucking Stiggy to the bone?) - we all got on the phone together and talked it out. If anything, this is a great weeding out proces. Those with couple etiquette win oer those who do not possess it. Patti says if he was to contact her, she would absolutely decline, Stiggy thought that was a good idea as well since he showed no respect for me in that situation. But I invited her to go ahead and go for it...no since in not enjoying a threesome if the opprotunity arose for them. If anything, he was good at that. So what they are going to do with that, I dont know. It was 4am at this point Sunday morning.

I spent the rest of the am tossing and turning, wondering why the fuck I should really care what he does independently, after all, it isn't like we are on track for marriage or even a meaningful LTR since he is married anyhow. Can't go in public with him, dance closely to him or show affection in public due to his "job" and marriage. So what's left but sex? Get this guys - I dont want JUST SEX. Hello! I have a vibrator that out-fucks all of you and I come very time whenever I want it to happen!

So I am thinking, thinking, thinking (as Pooh would asy - Think - Think- Think) I con=me to the conclusion that even though he is a tactless partier, he is still a fabulous converationalist with whom I would like to be able to see form time to time. Exchange of ideas and experiences are something I thirst for daily. So I call his cell phone about 9am or so (cant' really remmeber at this point) and aplogize for being demanding, but in fact I cannot imagine him in my life in some fashion and would still like to retain a friendship of sorts. I did NOT SAY SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP THOUGH. He calls me back a little later saying he accepted my apology and he offered his. I made it a point NOT to ap;ogize for needing what I need and saying what I said, albut wanting to not see him again at all. The tactless party situation is unfogiveable, by the way, at any time. THAT is not forgiven, but I have many dear friends that do stupid things and I do not toss them out of my life easily either.
So I now reserve Bob to friendship status, although he tells me he wants to be intimate. Then he says he really has to be honest with me about some things as I was honest with him as well the night before. I said - sure - go ahead. What it boils down to is that although BBW's are "tolerable", be prefers omeone who takes care of themselves and wants to live healther. Regarding smoking, he feels the same. So if a long term thing were to be in the worls, I would have to lose weight and quit smoking. ROFL WHAT ABOUT MY PROFILE DONT YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND ALREADY? I say I love to dance, because that is the form of exercise I love. I say if you don't love BBW's - keep on travelling. I say I SMOKE, if you dont prefer that...KEEP ON TRAVELLING. We briefly discuss the possibility of him visiting Mon or Tuesday, possible a sleepover Tues night as he has to travel for work the next day. Sounds good in theory...but then came Sunday afternoon...

I am chatting on yahoo with Curtis and Brad. Tow friends I have met only in cyber space. Brad is from AdultFriendFinder and I talked about him in a previous blog; the other Curtis, a guy from my home state that found me on yahoo member directory and began "chatting me up". Like Brad, very gentlemanly, etc. We talked about the web site I am building, the need for pictures for it and a trusted person who would like to be in a LTR that would be open to that and he enrgetically said SURE! Anyhow, we've been talking for a couple of months or so (Curtis), some playfully, some just regular stuff. Curtis is from NC, so am I, and he travels allot for work with his GrandPa living in Ft Wayne and his children in a neighboring city. He is back up here at least every three weeks or so to see his children and visit GrandPa and take care of some work in Elkhart. The last time he was up here, my schedule didn't permit us to meet in person. This time, it did, but only by chance.

I somehow developed either bone spurs or a hairline fracture in the heel of my right foot. I work retail so standing on it for hours on end leaves me a cripple at the end of the day. I have been hobbling all day - can hardly walk at this point...

Sunday morning the pain was unbearable; I could hardly walk and the fatigue from the weekend fuck fest and lack of sleep was overwhelmingly depressing. I had just planned on kicking the foot up, lazing around in my raggy pj's and doing the laundry, etc. I was scheduled to work, but had to call in as I could not have stood up for the entire shift - there was just no way in hell I could have made it through. I have Fibromyalgia too, and if you know what that is, compound it with the foot and you get a mix for th rest home. The only time the Fibromyaliga doesn't seem to bother me is during sex. Go figure. LOL Other times I am a miserable mountain of constant pain and fatigue - no man's prize on a daily basis, unless I am stress free. Define stress: they type that has you scuttling about wondering how the rent is going to be paid.

Trust me, as nice as my pics look, compare it to the shots you see in the National Enquirer when the show movie starst without makeup - yeah - that's me these days...just fucking tired all the time.

ANYHOW...Curtis enters. DAMN he's handsome! Built just right, height is perfect, sile devine and from the very beginning - all I could think was WOW. This is the guy I've been chatting with for months now. His pic didn't do him justice at all. We talk, laugh, review my activities and resulting delimma of the night before. He agrees and says "Shit, If he don't have the manners and respect for the other couple and you as his partern...you're playing with the wrong person Cathy. There's an undefined line you just don't cross - sounds to me this guy don't get it." Then he goes on to say how he was sorry he missed out as his manners are well placed. (grin)

We ordered pizza, watched some extreme Makeover home edition - I was so tired and weary - the thought of sex never entered my mind. I apologized on multiple occasions how his first glance at me had to be one of weary fatigue, little makeup and in shorts - just WAY casual mode. He said "I think you are beautiful just the way you are right now". OK gals - you have to love this guy already I can't imagine a man that is that accepting from the very beginning, then he said "I prefer real women". Then the question offered itself up - and what about big wien is it you like - he says "I just prefer big women". So I don't have to quit smoking or lose weight? Nope - you're hot just the way you are honey. OMG - I died and went to heaven. Curtis has this Jeff Foxworthy kind of appeal. A little accent fomr home, but not much unless he wants to magnify it like I do from time to time just to get a rise out of people.

Southern accents are the bomb! LOL

So it's time for Curtis to leave, I'm drawing him a map out of here and onto Grandpa's place, we do the hug thing and I say - So at least kiss me already" He said "I've been waiting to all night" - we kiss and oh my god the sparks flew and gals...as he kisses, he moans ever so slightly - it is so fucking erotic. he embraces me, rubbing my back and butt, hands never stopping but firmly and gently letting me know - he pulls me closer. he guides my hand down to his crotch and I fell a monster hard on. I can feel myself getting wet as the kisses are deliciously inviting and the moaning he is doing absolutely sent me into the land of "fuck me now". The zipper came down and he exposed a nice rod that well met my standards for compfort and diameter and as I bgan to stroke it while he continued the moaning while kissing me (damn I'm getting hot again just typing this) I said hey baby - let's just go do this thing...we've waited long enough.

We retire to the bedroom as he undresses me nd I him. HIs body so perfectly matched to fit mine, his cock hard and full ready to enter into my juicy pussy that was throbbing with desire for him. Curtis has a wonderful and erotic muted moan that just lets me know he loves what he is feeling the entire time we exchange various positions. It's pouring down rain outside, the window is open to allow the sound of the rain in. A perfect time for lovemaking, now mixed with natures sounds of calm make the expereince even more erotic, wishing only to be in the woods while doing this to make the experience even more intense. He came inside of me with the power I haven't felt in years. Unlke most men though, after he came, he continued to pound my pussy (ample enough to keep going and filling enough I knew it was still there) he pushed though the ultra sensitivity of his own cock to continue to please me. We rested abit after I came and took time to concentrate on the sound of the rain, the touch of my hand on his chest, face and thighs. He told me how my hands were "like magic" and how my pussy was a perfect fit. I have to agree to the latter...it was a perfect fit. We kissed and relaxed as we listened to the downpour - both appreciative of Mother Natures Symphony as the background to our pleasure. He guides my kisses back down toward his cock, inviting me to taste of it again and as I do...within moments, his cock is as hard as if we hadn't had round one yet....only 10 minutes after round 1. Very impressed....I asked "are you on performance inhancing drugs?" and laughed...he said "with you as my canvas, I only need oil....and proceeded to fuck me again with even more passion than the first session. Ladies...it is heaven to have him inside! Had we had more time, he said he would have loved to spend it with me, but Grandpa awaited his arrival and was expecting him by a certain time - they don't see each other much and Grandpa likes the porch sitting, beer drinking bond with teh Grandson on an evening such as this. And Curtis had promised...

Curtis and I decided we'd like to begin to build the LTR, even with his travel. Since he is into the pictures, that isn't a problem either and I am sure he is very photographically pleasing to the eye while in action..he was to my eye from my angle. So we talked a little about him meeting my friends 810couple - he said thats up to you, but my focus will be you and I promise I am gentleman enough to know the guidelines adn respect them. But ultimately, the decision is yours. I am happy to have you only, or shared, but that is a call you have to make...lets take some time to get to know each others body better and continue our unique friendship from here. OK - he says all the right things, right ladies? Oh yeah - it's all good So he is to call me tonight and see how if he can come over tonight or Tuesday night for us to continue exploration of each others body and soul.

Exit Curtis - online to AdultFriendFinder, BING - email from Ric. Wants to get together late in the week. Has a friend he served with in Afghanistan coming over tonight, but definately wants to meet up the latter part of the week. I am a sucker for a military man....I can't help it.

Ladies, Ric is another story entirely. Met for drinks last week, he wanted to take me home, but he's the kind of man that you really WANT to know better. Fascinating conversationalist. He is military and I was military, my Son is military so we just went blahblhblah all night long - I could have talked with him for hours on end. We love the arts, we love creativity, we have so many commonalities and he is a great kissser too. Kissing - gents - the key to a lady's crotch!

Ric...folks...this fellow is going to take some time to develop, but he wants no strings and will be deployed again in December - so just as soon as I want it - it will be gone. time will tell if the tease continues or if the friends with benefits thing is a possible. He's not into BBW's, but I do have a rather outgoing personality that some men find irrisistable.

I do prefer men like Curtis - that go into auto-passion with BBW's like myself. That way I dont have to wonder if it was pleasing or not - I already know its what they like and we can get onto getting down with the business of making love without reserve.

OK - so I write John-Bob back, tell him Mon, Tues night is off - I need to explore other things since I dont quite measure up - I'm not going to quit smoking and losing weight will come when I am stress free and more active, but it all boils down to I'm not erally his type - he is a great lover and absolute BLAST to be around, As the old saying goes...."I may be fat, but you are ugly - at least I can lose weight" comes to mind...but he isn't ugly. I just want more Curtis, and see how things go with Ric.

Intelligence is a turn on guys - pour the shit on! SO this weekend score:

Intelligence 10
Conversationalist 10
Kissablilty 10
Do-ability TBD
Party Manners TBD

Intelligence 10
Conversationalist 10
Kissability 10
Do-ability 10
Party Manners 4

Intelligence 10
Conversationalist 10
Kissability 10
Do-ability 10
Party Manners TBD but looks good

810couple Intelligence 10
Cnversatioanists 10
Kissabilty Him 8 Her 8
Do-ability Him 10 Her 10
Party Manners 10


so much more to add - I cant type here all day though. John-Bob called again - twice. Now he asks if he can bring gifts to me tonight - and he wont stay if I dont want him to....we'll see what happens at 730 when he sees me in movie star hag stages. Will that deter him? Film at 11.

OK..it's 8:23pm and John-Bob isn't here. NO call, nada. Think I'll call and see whats up....

phone call....

OK - he says he was just going to call me and he will be here in ten minutes. "And I'm not staying long" - PMM. Hmmm - I am so tired, I hope I get some sleep tonight, but it is good PMM is thoughtful to say he wanted to bring me a gift - herbal tea right now sounds really good.

Update -

Herbal tea in hand...PMM comes over - WHAT A GENEROUS AND KIND MAN - I tell you, he is full of surprises. The man hardly knows me. He is travelling out of town until Thursday - brings me 6 packs of smokes, cndles and gives me $60 for gas and food. You could just about knock me over with a feather right about now. God love him - the man has a soul. Hag mode didn't even deter him. He says he likes me just the way I am. (hmmm)...It's a good thing.

Thank you John-Bob - thank you so much.


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