Interesting how one chat leads to.....  

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10/2/2005 12:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Interesting how one chat leads to.....

It was 2- 230ish pm, online at AdultFriendFinder IMC - get a "ding" from [wantitnow0011] asking if I would take some pics for him. He's a local...5 minutes away - we'd never met, but hey - I love to take pics.

SURE! I'm always happy to help a fellow AdultFriendFinder'r get great pics. I am SO anti- basic "see one you've seen them all" cock shots. There's MUCH more style to be had, if one only takes the time.

I wanted to go out into the wooded area behind the apt complex, he just wanted the basic "see my cock" shots. (frustrated about that) ANY pics having my name related to it, I would prefer to be of more substance and quality, but hey - whatever the customer wants.

This is a business proposition though...not a sex party. Folks, I do take great pics. When he uploads his...let me know what you think.

His batteries died before we got allot - but we did get a couple of nice facial pics, torso shots and of course..cock shots. From my end in the playback view, they were outstanding.

He needed a bit of stimulation, so I helped a little bit with that..not much - after all, this is business. He asked for more - I had to put the ex-nay on it restating the business mode.

He certainly is a tall drink of water, very handsome. Ladies - he's hot! Under my 8 inch and thick standard though, otherwise, I'd jump him! But he is a very handsome, studly gent.

Photographers fee....2 packs of smokes. I'm a cheap date (today). LOL

Let me know what you think when he gets them on the system.


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