Hot words from hot men!  

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10/3/2005 7:05 am

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Hot words from hot men!

Got to love web cams! I cammed a little last night - felt like being tantilizing after a long dry weekend.

The hot words from hot men got me all stirred up! The gent who wrote me email saying "hello fellow Sag" - now I need to hear from him more often.

The whole idea behind camming, for me, is to earn enough points to be able to get a gold membership for a month so I can actually see all profiles and correspond freely. The search for Mr Right will be a full blown attack at that point. And yes, I'll find him here.

I only get 200 points each cam session....IF I am "hot barred" to the max allot - so if you see me on - hot bar me baby - even if I am fully dressed - I need the points, and hey - I'm hot with my clothes on too.

Still no Mr Right on the horizon. I need to do something about that, and soon. Need someone as described in my profile (profile is posted in previous blog).

My birthday is Dec 4th - would hate to spend it alone...and Christmas. With any luck, my Son will be able to take leave for Christmas; that would be the best gift of all to be able to see him.

PMM is was coming over tonight. I came home from my interview, (out in BFE), still hve shopping to do and my apt looks like Rita just blew through. Raincheck! I'm going to buy myself some flowers, since no one else will...I need a boost. Mums - nice on the on the pocket - splash of color in here is what the Dr. ordered.

Someone messaged me today and said "You've been busy" - as if to say my party a couple of weekends ago is the norm. NOT. I AM busy seeking HIM out though - nothing like a test run to find out how good the FIT is.

Yes I have a friend Curtis, who I hope to see when he is in town...time will tell about him, but we are both from NC and thats good chemistry from the start. Is tarheels just have a sense of hospitality and manners about ourselves (for the most part). Curtis, if you are reading this from Minnesota - I MISS YOU ALREADY! Nice man - solid worker, nicely packaged - whats not to like?

UPDATE - Curtis IM'd me about 9pm tonight; he ended up in Canada instead! Wow! He had to sleep 14 hours in Detroit airport - Geesh. I mentioned the type of work he does in previous blogs - when his clients call, he must go. So he said he will be back "in a week or so" then off to Minnesota. It will be nice to see him again.
I asked him what he would like to do when he arrives back, other than rest - he said "I'll leave that up to your imagination". Loosely translated - dinner, drinks and some good old SOUTHERN COMFORT! Nothing like some Southern hospitality and tastey tongue teasing to get the feel for CAROLINA!! I knew I was homesick for something! Must have been Curtis!

If you all read over my 3 years plan, you will see that I have much on my plate.

Had a job interview this morning at 8 - alarm went off at 6 - I figured I could snooze - I reset the alarm, but with my glasses off, took the alarm hand in the wrong direction - didn't wake up until 750 - so I called the place where I was to interview - admitted this was NOT the type of first impression I had planned, was completely honest about it, and luckily the guy had a sense of humor about it. We'll see.

I'm worried about getting this job though - 8-10 hour days - my dog will be here alone most of the day and that just about kills me to think about it. I'm used to being able to come home from work and let him out, play awhile then leave again to break the lonliness of his day...and mine. Since this is a delivery position for specialty merchandise to bars, gas stations, convenient stores, not likely he could ride along....or could he?

At any rate...I want to thank all the wonderful men who offered up hot words of support last night - keep them coming! I had to take a hot bath after all of that just to wind down.

Got to love a good exfoliation and moisturizing - even if it was just for myself.

A testimonial on my profile page is "a good thing"....

How do you like this pic?

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