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Goal Setting

Last night PMM and I talked about goal setting. His take on it (and he as successfully done this in his own life) is to set a goal as to what /where you would like to be at the end of your life, then work back from there and timestamp completion dates of other goals that works towards the end result.

For me, at this point, I can't see too far into the future - my retirement money is gone - burned through that a couple of years ago when I hit a bump in very long road back to sometihnge else that didnt last...so I guess I have a three year plan.

It's this...and pretty fair to say that my profile speaks to it in part...at least the first years worth.

Today - October 2005 - land employment with benefits that allows independence from financial concerns. Once insurance kicks in, have necessary corrective surgery on foot and other identifed area of need (TMI for the blog) each occurring 6 months from each other over a period of a year.

October 2005 -February 2006 - Identify the candidate for LTR who is trusting, nurturing, trustworthy and intimately compatible that is deserving of the the depth of loyalty and lifestyle my lifetime companionship offers. This man must meet EVERY criteria as defined in my profile. I will cut and paste my profile on next blog. Dance at least twice monthly. Sing every day. Laugh at will. Begin planning and promotion for "Diamond Acoustics Presents - A Resonating Tribute" to be held at the Embassy Center in Ft Wayne. Check into availability and cost for Marine Corp Band performance or Philharmonic Patriotic Pops, Philharmonic Choir, and various speakers and slideshow availability from various branches of service to speak to the "day in the life of" experiences from troops overseas and stateside - thier job is as important. Focusing on combat and humanitarian duties from the last 3 years. Target date of performance/production September 10th, 2007 (Patriot Day). Already know cost of production will range near 100K. - Start solicitation for donations, camera crews for video clips and contact military.com for suggestions on slideshow presentation. Ideally I would like to NOT charge admission for military families for this production. All other proceeds would be donated to the USO for troop support. (I have experience in these kind of promotions,.just not at this level - STRETCH - but I can do this) Maybe proceeds to VA Hospital in Fort Wayne. What do you guys think? I'll take ideas on those two options - vote now.

August 2006 - Visit my Son returning from Overseas when he comes back stateside for regular duty station assignment. Have not have seen him in 2 years - this visit MUST TAKE PLACE AT ALL COST. Dance at least twice monthly - sing every day. Laugh at will.

November 2006 - Visit old friends in NC with identifed LTR for Thanksgiving (Wed - Sunday) without concern for expenses. Dance at least one while there - sing every day. Laugh at will.

February 2007 - Employer will be fed up with surgical absences and vacation to visit Son upon return from overseas and I will have probaby lost the job by now. At this point, I must "punt" - possibly consider with identified LTR cohabitation and find a way to work from home. I must then begin the quest for self employment with home business marketing various specialty products nationwide, or possibly open a small boutique "Cathy's Cottage and Gifts". (name copyrighted 2005) Regardless of location, a web site will be established for international availability of product line. Product line now available, just need capitol to push it. Dance at least twice monthly. Sing every day. Laugh at will.

December 2007 - Marry "Him" on my 50th birthday (or sooner if chemistry is good) Would be great to get hitched while in NC for Thansgiving with old friends around to witness. Ultimate goal is to be Spousal domestic, volunteering for the arts and special needs children of the community without the need for outside employment, except that from home as previously defined - freedom to actually do what I like to do, and have dinner waiting, sex on the table, quickies for lunch with the husband (or in his office on the desk!), free to travel type of lifestyle (sales, sales, sales). HOPEFULLY I can move to a warmer climate - I hate the winters in Indiana. Dance at least twice monthly. Sing every day. Laugh at will.

January 2008 - Dance at least twice monthly. Sing every day. Laugh at will. I put that first this time - Learn more about not for profit administration, possibly Symphony Administration -school in NY. Check into dates and rates.

March 2008 - Be at at least 100K per year income from boutique or web based specialty sales.

-------- thats it for now. Just left the Interim Director of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic a message to get back with me - called The Production Company and talked with Steve there about it - sounds promising - if I can get 100 companies to donate $1000 each in exchange for a block ad in the program - my goal is met - Any takers?

If you find typos - ignore them. You really have to "know the code" of my dyslexia to read what I write sometimes.

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