Feeling like a lady again....  

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9/27/2005 4:06 pm

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Feeling like a lady again....

Well if anyone can stretch a dollar, it's Blaze. Here's the breakdown..
$15 gas
$23 nails
$14 Lacey undies and a skirt on sale at the Avenue (got to love that place)
$ 7.95 Hair color to get the grey out - Brown is my natural color, so Brown it is! (my hair is so long it takes 2 boxes - Walgreens had Colorsilk on sale 2 for $12. Woo Hoo

POOF - **AND** I have a nickel left over. All that - feeling like a lady again - my nails are back! FINALLY - I tell ya, it brings alot of confidence to the table while interviewing for a job when you know you look professional,,,nails included. I wear a french manicure. No room for hoochie momma red in the boardroom (unless it's MY boardroom, then the hotter the better). Since I'm not CEO of anyplace just yet - french manicure is a safe place to be.

OK - gotta get prepared for John-Bob tonight - plan on giving him his drive and time's worth!

Did I mentioned I had voice mail from Curtis? Says since I will be "going out" later, he's just going to try to get ahold of me ont he computer and "figure something out from there".

Guys - when you go fuck somebody, it is common courtesy to call the VERY NEXT DAY and thank whoever for whatever. If you don't want to see each other again, then leave it at that, but CALL THE VERY NEXT DAY. In this instance Curtis said he'd like to come over Tues night (tonight) but he never called back the next day to confirm, say thank you , kiss my ass or NADA. So I made other plans. COURTESY FIRST. I have Mr Right to seek out...no time for men who can't be mannered.

Guys - NEVER TAKE A FUCK FOR GRANTED. Right now there are five men wanting in my door on a daily basis, I am keeping 2 of them at bay and carefully scheduling others. I am in search of Mr LTR Right...however I need to make that discovery is what I need to do. So when you want to play the "I want you to change game"...just remember, others are waiting with accepting arms and 10 inch cocks that love me just the way I am. Fat, smoking and all...

Although PMM is not a LTR Mr Right, he is a fantastic Mr Right-now...I love his personality and he eats pussy better than anyone I've EVER been with. We all make adjustments to the agenda "for the time being". Wish he wasn't married though, I could fall for him in a New York minute and he'd have my loyalty and daily pussy for life. SIGH

Gotta get ready! Later!

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