Busy last few days!  

burgundy_Blaze 59F
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10/21/2005 9:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Busy last few days!

Well the new job rocks! Reminds me of my old military days doing data entry for aircraft components from the Air Bases I served at Nationwide. If you are military trained, basic A&F stuff. I LOVE IT. Nice to know that what I do makes a difference to our military...refreshing - a job that really matters!

Well the site is picking up - increased membership three fold in one week - guess folks are liking what they are seeing...it's only been three weeks.

Had a member (one of hte first two to join) buy and send me a Logitech Fusion Webcam with video capability - it is SA-weet! Nice to know someone in Toronto admires me to the tune of $162 with shipping included. Thanks Mike !

I just offered my site go'ers a meet and greet on the web - had 68 viewers and all were in conference asking various questions about me, my real life and things they would like to see in updates. Very cool. All gentlemen - isn't that amazing! It was fun to take the new webcam for a test run. The fans liked it too.

STILL NEED A MAN! LOL I sure could use a nice dinner with a tall clean smelling man that loved to dance real close, eat well and fuck my brains out!

But right now...I'm pooped from a long day - but it's an honest tired - I should sleep really well tonight.

How you like my site logo?

Love you all!


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