Another Weekend on the horizon  

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9/30/2005 7:56 am

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Another Weekend on the horizon


Now. I didn't hear back from Curtis yesterday as promised, so I have no idea what this evening will hold. I have a full day though. Much to do.

I got a call yesterday while I was at work from Indiana Workforce Development about a possible job match, so I returned tht call first thing this morning. Another call left was in response to a demonstrator position I had applied for for Kodak digital cameras on weekends between Thanskgiving and Christmas.

Ironic how I'd get paid $14 - $16 an hour to demonstrate the use of a Kodak Digital camera - <i>if they only new what I used mine for they would fall out of thier chairs! LOL Guess I cant demonstrate THAT kind of useage, but if I could- I'd have plenty of material!</i>

The deal is, I can work 4-6 hours, at Circuit City here in town demonstrating this various types of Kodak Digital cameras and work around my scheduled at the Big K. Cool, with the exception after I get off of work at the K, I can hardly I guess I need to give the K some notice that I won't be available on those weekends. At any rate, it's extra $$ I can use to get some bills taken care of, paid every two weeks. I'll take what I can get at this point. You know what I mean, Vern?

Calling Curtis....had to leave voice mail. I want to go OUT tonight. Been "in" too much lately.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I am posting a pic of the type of pics I take <i>with my clothes on</i> to give you an example of how much I like photography. Thats another missed life's be able to make money with a camera in hand and have the best equipment needed to do the job well. When I went into the Coast Guard, my original intent ws to be a photo journalist. That's right - they have those too (all branches do). That got nixed when I got to my unit and they needed Yeoman and had no open billets for PJ Strikers.

Got an email from Slippin8 saying "you've been looking at my profile, I've been looking at yours, so let's drop the "dumb" and meet for coffee". Hmmm. I responded by saying "Are we looking for the same thing..have you read my blogs to know me better?" Gave him my yahoo IM ID (burgundyblaze) and suggested he contact me that way with a facial pic and we could go from there. Guys - love to see cocks, but honestly, when you've seen one, you've just about seen them all unless you are abnormally endowed without photo enhancement - then thats different. You could be hung like a camel but if the face isn't chemically's lost.

Just checked my horoscope - here's what it says for today...
Dear Blaze,
Here is your horoscope
for Friday, September 30:

Choices are springing up around you like flowers after a heavy rain, but you're feeling just a touch ambivalent about them. There's no harm in letting others know you need more time before you go one way or the other.

"like flowers after a heavy rain"..hmmmm..the night with Curtis.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Go figure.. LOL. I usually like to read those later, when the day is over, to see how accurate they can this instance seems pretty appropo.(sp) This one seems more geared to the PMM situation, but you never know what will come around the bend. That after a heavy rain part belongs to Curtis though (YUM).

Anyone for taking me out to dinner tonight?

Just got off the phone chasing down the job leads from Indiana Workforce Developement. Interesting proposition. Route sales for specialty merchandise that goes in bars, convenience stores, etc. 8% commission - avg 25K per year, paid weekly BUT I'd get paid weekly - drive their trucks, have an established route (some in town, some out of town) Not too much sitting, not too much standing - in and out of the truck allot - that sounds good for the foot situation, etc. Benefits after the 4th month, no heavy lifting, no gas burned on my part. I have an interview set for Monday at 8am in New Haven. Oh, did I mention NO WEEKENDS? Winter driving though - makes me nervous going into Paulding, Oh where they don't plow very well, but hey - let's just see how this goes and take it from there. It would be just restocking shelves (same thing I do at K), suggesting new products, etc and working an established route. They have Sales people to go out and hustle new business so I wouldn't have to do that...sounds pretty good. I'd be working 10 hour days possibly. 8-10 was what he said which leaves no time to pick up another 20K somewhere else to get the 40K I am used to making. I guess I would have an option to hustle more and earn more there, but 8-10 hours as described for avg of 25K a year sounds like I'll be pretty busy already. Best thing about this job, other than the no heavy lifting, in and out and people contact, is tht I get to play with the toys and demonstrate new products and I am a kid at it sounds promising.

Funny how life has it's twists and turns. I asked Rene at IWD how she figured me for a match and she said "I know you girl...know what you are going thourgh and thought you would be and have a blast at I called". It REALLY pays off to go meet the counsellors at IWD. That way they have a face and personality to put with the job matches and that helps them make a good match.

My Son was online again last night - damn double day treat for me! He had PT begining at 0400 with the Sgt Major for 4 hours straight, grappling, crunches, running, O course, repelling, more running - he was tired. It was his lunch time and still had to hit formation at 1300 his time, then be at a ceremony at 1700 in his Chucks (Charlies) - that's their uniforms other than cammies. Guess they have Alpha's (dress greens with beige shirt) and not sure which one is chucks, but at any rate, he looked bushed. It did give me another opportunity to tell him how proud I was of him though. He has the coolest cam though - said it was $100 Logitech with a built in microphone - very high quality pic and sound too. Was good to hear his voice. Nothing like seeing and hearing "I love you Mom" to make my day! Only thing missing was one of his famous bear hugs and a kiss on the cheek, and the smell of my son. Mom's know what I mean.

So that's the day thus far. Have many errands to run. Need to go get my Avon order (I sell Avon, but don't make any money at it) bag it up, get it delivered, go to the food bank, clean the fridge, do some laundry then ponder how the rent is going to be paid tomorrow and if it can't be, what the fuck I'm going to do at this point. If I land this job on Monday, hopefully I can get paid by the Friday following enough to pay on the rent and start catching up from there. At this point it is basic survival mode.

Somebody call Oprah - this should be in her "best read" collection.

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