All right, all right! I know I promised  

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All right, all right! I know I promised

OK, I mentioned this in previous blog, someone (8 of you) have since emailed me asking where it was.


This 47 yr old BBW is ready to meet Mr. Monogamy, BUT be supportive of having photography sessions made while we make love. If you are open to that, and love BBW's - then we just may have a great relationship. I have a high regard for marriage; so if you are married, please do not contact me. After all, if the wife can't trust you, how could I?

There is nothing in my profile that is false information. I am who I say I am and I need what I say I need. Please don't doubt this or we are headed for disaster. I have a giving, gentle, kind and grateful heart...don't break it by shopping me as just a score for you. I need more. I deserve it.

I really love to dance - I hope you do too - if not - keep clicking! Otherwise, I love all things domestic, dining out, dancing, theatre and most any other activity partners would do together that enjoy each others company. BBQ'ing on the grill with friends, theatre, PBS, Symphony concerts, rock and roll as well as a variety of music, with the exception of are also simple pleasures I indulge myself with.

Satisfying a loyal and faithful companion and partner, when in love, is what I enjoy most. Only Great kissing, well endowed, exhibitionist, candle burning men need apply! Must have a slow, gentle hand and know how to smack a big ass when called upon to do so. (Wink) Fun to be around, serious when I need to be, COME TO ME and discover the pleasures you've been missing. I go by the same name everywhere else - so get in touch if you'd like. My profile says seeking MEN FOR ANYTHING - but I don’t know how to change that to LTR with Mr. Right who likes to show off his stuff in front of a camera.

Ideal Person:
Fellow Sagittarians, Arians, Aquarians, Gemini's and non alcoholic Leo's are my best mate potentials. If you have to be drunk to be with me, then that is a fallout waiting to happen. So what do I need? Here's the plan....I seek a professional, attractive man who loves BBW's that desires a fresh start as much as I do. If you are well packaged and like to be photographed while making love on occasion, all the better. That being said, your loyalty is key. I want to be your one and only and I promise the same devotion to whoever meets this criteria.

Intimacy decisions will be made on a partnership basis. As far as intimacy goes, nothing less than a 8 inch member will do, and his personal hygiene must be impeccable! If the chemistry is right, I am insatiable.

I am originally from NC and love the beach. I am ready to settle in with Mr. Right and he needs to want the same from the very beginning. Someone desiring much travel will get first dibs on my heart.

I am open to many things, BUT if I can't be your fantasy and fulfillment - keep on moving along. I enjoy the occasional, REPEAT - OCCASIONAL party with trusted friends from time to time, but I prefer monogamy over swinging every time.

In the meantime; get to know and touch me. Let me taste of your essence and laze with me in the sundown’s, dawns, high and low tides, and grow together to be inseparable hearts.

I'm ready for real passion and a solid relationship to carry me into the rest of my life with a smile.

It will take a tenderhearted, solid and romantic man to take care of me as I will him. Is this you?

Favorite television shows:
House MD, Jeopardy, WNT , Mail Call, Over There

Favorite movies:
Forest Gump, I am Sam, Star Wars (all), Steel Magnolias, Hunt for Red October, all James Bond flicks

Favorite musicians or bands:
Styx, Chicago, Leonard Skynard, Nora Jones, Anita Baker, Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman

Tell us about your most favorite sexual fantasy. Don't hold back!:
I haven't really thought in the fantasy realm too much. Really would like to have a good man to explore many things with. Would prefer the man I am with would become my fantasy love...but wouldn't we all like that?

What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?:
Under a waterfall, Ritz - Paris

Using the location you chose as the best fantasy setting for a sexual encounter, tell us (in detail) about that encounter. Fact or fantasy?

Oh, Fantasy - My life isn't nearly as exciting as all that. Interested in changing that? As long as this is fantasy, I'd like it to happen on a private island my partner would rent exclusively for the week. While exploring the Island, we come across a waterfall. After testing the waters for temperature, decide to go for a nude swim. Laughing, water play, and diving from the occasional rock gets the adrenaline flowing as we meet under the fall to have it wash us together. The water is fresh, perfect temperature but just abit cool so my nipples are hard. He decides to take a taste and we back under the fall to where the fall is in front of us..hidden from sight and the water only knee deep. We touch and kiss as we grind against each other as he backs me closer to the wall of the falls where he found a smooth surface to lean me against. He raises one of my legs over his shoulder and kisses my inner thigh. (I am fairly flexible!) As I rest against the surface of the rock wall, he begins to fuck me slowly until we find surer footing. He begins to love me like I've never been loved before. Moaning as he tells me how wonderful my hot and juicy pussy feels to his thick hard cock as he rocks me back and forth into an erotic place we've never been to before. I had to have more of him. I take my leg down and turn around to bend over and put my hands against the wall to brace me for the fuck I've been wanting all week...leaning against the wall he fills me completely from behind and drives me hard then slower, building the excitement as I touch myself with one hand and brace with the other. The feel of my fingers on my clit and his dick in my cunt has me soaring with pleasure until we both reach the aquatic orgasm we desire. (to get the rest of the story, I am available to travel to the private Island you obtain any time between now and March 30th with a one month notice and unlimited expense account)

Tell us about a celebrity you fantasize having sex with. Who? What happens in your fantasy?
Who needs a celebrity when the right Mr Right will do! But then again, George Clooney would look hot with my leg on his shoulder and his dick in my loins...he just doesn't know it yet.

Sexual Accessories
What kind of porn movies do you enjoy the most?
Soft, hymaphrodite films

How often do you watch pornos?
Rarely. I spend more time doing the real thing.

What toys do you enjoy using during sex play?
Dildos/Vibrators, Clit stimulators (battery operated)

Tell us a sex toy story. What toys turn you on? Details please!
I don't kiss and tell....unless it's a party and we are comparing notes among each other (or in my BLOG)

What bondage type gear do you enjoy using during sex play?
Silk scarves, Feathers

What food items have you used or are interested in using for sex play?
Whipped cream, Chocolate sauce, Good 'ol ice, Popsicles, Food and sex are synonymous to me!

Sexual Interests
In the bedroom, what types of activities interest you? {/B]
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Spanking, Mutual Masturbation, Food Play, Participating in Erotic Photography, Roaming..(anywhere)

In the bedroom, what types of activities are OFF LIMITS to you?
Arse (Ass) Play, Sadomasochism, Urolagnia (Water Sports/Urine), Rimming, Fetishes, Bondage, Candle Wax, Slave/Master, Cross Dressing, Voyeurism, Handcuffs/Shackles, Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc., Blindfolds, Latex, Fisting, I'm creative, not kinky

What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?
Sexual experience, Physical attraction, Sexual appetite, Willingness to freely discuss and try anything, Creativity/Kinkiness level, Likes to be photographed while making love

Besides the obvious, what areas of your body do you consider erogenous zones?
Ears, Lips, Neck, Breasts/nipples, Back, Inner thigh, Mouth

Have you ever videotaped or taken pictures during a sexual encounter?
I've taken and been in a few naughty pictures.

Is it true that size matters?
It's a scientific fact.

Do you enjoy talking dirty during sex?
I really get into it sometimes.

{B]Sexual Activities

Have you ever had cybersex?
No way. I only want skin on skin.

What kind of night life do you enjoy?
Night clubs, Dance Clubs, Regular Bars, Dining out, Dancing close

Tell us about losing your virginity. When? How?
Spilling that story is not relevant to finding what I seek or who I am.

How big of a role does sex play in your life?
I love sex, but if I don't have a partner, I just masturbate.

How much enjoyment do you get from receiving oral sex?
I love oral as an appetizer, before moving on to penetration.

What are your thoughts on anal sex?
My ass is exit only.

What's the largest number of people you've shared a sexual encounter with in one session?
Okay. It wasn't all at once, but I've had sex with several different people in one night.

Entertainment, Sports & Hobbies
What kind of television shows do you enjoy watching?
Sports, News, Sit-coms/Comedies, Dramas, A&E - Arts & Entertainment, Talk Shows, Soap Operas, Variety Shows, Documentary/Learning, Movie Channels, Soft Porn (e.g. Spice/Playboy Channel), HGTV

Favorite television shows
House MD, Jeopardy, WNT , Mail Call, Over There

What kind of movies do you enjoy the most?
Drama, Comedy, Action, Romance/Love Stories, Porn, Westerns, Documentary, Mystery

Favorite movies
Forest Gump, I am Sam, Star Wars (all), Steel Magnolias, Hunt for Red October, all James Bond flicks

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?
Rock 'n Roll, Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Women Who Rock, Pop/Top 40, R&B/Soul, Jazz/Blues, Reggae, Alternative, Country and Western, Classical, Opera/Show Tunes, Elvis, Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals - Fingerstyle and Classical

What does listening to music do for you?
It's great for dancing.

Favorite musicians or bands
Styx, Chicago, Leonard Skynard, Nora Jones, Anita Baker, Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman, Frank Sinatra

What are your favorite types of books to read?
Fiction, Non Fiction, Romance, Erotica, Self-Help, Biographies/Autobiographies, History

Favorite authors or books
Pat Conroy - Beach Music

What types of activities interest you?
Business news, Healthy living, Cooking, Gardening, Reading, Writing poetry, Writing novels/books, Photography, Painting, Board games, Card games, Meaningful conversation, Indy 500 and RedWing Hockey w/ friends

What types of sports and activities are you interested/active in?
Sailing, Swimming, Improving my tan, Sky Diving, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Equestrian, Fishing, Camping, Rapelling, Travelling, Taking cruises, Group touring, Recreational boating, would love to take Ballroom Dancing lessons.

[]Work & Living Environment
best describes the pace of your life?

much time does your job take up in your life?
People are supposed to take time off work?

What's your annual income?
Money? I'm fresh out!

Tell us how you feel about your fame and fortune. Too much? Too little? Just right?
I deserve more - tired of doing it all - ready to be someone's domestic goddess and retire to the mall with his money and make love all day!!

What kind of place do you live in?

What's your main mode of transportation?
Sedan/Somewhere between economy and luxury

When it comes to career, family and life in general, how do you feel?
Disappointed, I'd like to be able to travel more

How often are you online?
I'm on for an hour or two a day.

What is your current dating situation?
I'm single, I'm divorced.

[B}Physical Stuff
Tell us how you think other people view you and your appearance.
Awe - they probably see me as too heavy for the general testosterone driven mind. BBW lovers only need apply. I smoke too. Keep clicking if that isn't your type! I am really beautiful though, in more ways than just one.

What is your favorite item of clothing?
My trusty pair of jeans., My sneakers

Tell us about your personal style. Casual and comfy? Sexy and naughty?
I prefer casual and comfy - so long as it can be shabby-chic, and I love to wear naughty clothing for my partner and HOPE he thinks it is sexy. I really like dressy casual for everyday living - unless I am cleaning the house. Don't make me break out my house shorts - it's scarey!

Do you have any disabilities?
Fibromyalgia - but not disabling.

What is your sexual health status?
STD free and tested regularly, Taste Great...Less Filling!

Outlook on Life
What words best describe your personality?
Outgoing, Intelligent, Glass half full, A bit naïve, Daring, Moody, Funny and silly, Sarcastic, Realist, Cautious, Insatiable, Devoted, Loyal, Steamy

What qualities do you look for in a mate?
Outgoing, Intelligent, Glass half full, Wet 'n Wild, Quiet/shy, Daring, Funny and silly, Sarcastic, Realist, Insatiable, Devoted, Stable, Loyal, Steamy, Giving, Nurturing and at least an 8 inch cock!

What factors are most important to you when looking for someone?
A little of each

What animal best describes your personality?
Rabbit, Alf

Hey baby, what's your sign?

Tell us what things in life are most important to you.
Faith, my Son, my Dog, stability, a committed monogamous partner, solid job, nice home and a balance between all of the above that sets the pace for grace. Another important thing..the next breath, so I can keep loving. In the absence of a next breath..I've had all of the above and have no complaints all in all. It's all good. Looking at the big picture, life's been good to me so far. Recent history has sucked, but there's always tomorrow.

Dreams & Goals
What would be your dream house?
Six bedroom colonial with a white picket fence OR Mansion complete with all the amenities including a maid and butler OR Cozy cottage in the country OR Manhattan loft with floor to ceiling windows OR Restored castle overlooking the English countryside OR cardboard box with someone who loves me.

If you were a car, what kind of car would you want to be?
A luxury sedan with full leather interior and seat warmers

Tell us what you would do if you were given $1 million dollars. Invest? Travel? Pay bills?
Just a million? Half would go to great Uncle Sam, so I am left with 500K. Pay off all the bills, buy my Marine Son a decked out Mustang, buy myself a Hybrid SUV, and move back home to NC. If anything was left, I'd prepay my funeral then work as usual. Exciting, huh?

[B}What one "power" would you like to have?
The ability to fly

How truthful have you been filling out all these extra questions?


There..happy now? (grin)

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