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3/3/2006 10:54 pm

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Finally a hook up through this site.

Her profile said she was 38, married, looking for discrete 1 on 1 sex, and want to try getting kinky.

She wanted to meet Friday afternoon, today, while her husband was at work until 6pm. Before agreeing to meet, she had to be conviced I could come up with something kinky enough to make it worth her while. Through IM, I must have conviced her: she suggested we meet at a nice hotel here in Chapel Hill.

Neither of us posted a face shot. She said she would be wearing all black and sitting at the hotel bar near the lobby at 2pm. Of course, "38 yr old professional woman in a black suit" did not exactly narrow the field when entering the lobby. I popped a woody at first sight of a woman in a black suit and had to cover my crotch with the newspaper I was carrying as I crossed the lobby in route to the bar.

I sat down beside her at the bar and without speaking ordered two glasses of champaign. We clinked glasses saying cheers and not another word. We had agreed not to speak.

She took my hand and took me to the room she had arranged. Once inside the door, I blindfolded her, then kissed her starting at her neck and moving down as I undressed her.

Next she nearly ripped my cloths off and nearly swallowed my cock. After ten minutes of this, not wanting to blow my load too soon, I told her to get on the bed. It was my turn. I began again at the neck, kissing her softly, identifying each errogenous zone all the way to her clit. As I took my time getting there, her body quivered as her pelvis thrust upwards in search of contact with my tonge. After tantilizing her for a while I gave her sweet smelling clit a single delicate lick. For a moment I thought she was having a convulsion. Whatever she was having the sounds she made told me she was enjoying it and not to stop.

The sex continued for several hours and was intensified by the music I brought. The sound of the door closing as I left was the signal to her that our time was up. It was 5 o'clock.

While together we never spoke a word and agreed to only speak on the phone when setting up our next encounter. I left her with a cheshire cat grin on her face, still blindfolded and naked on the bed. I still don't know if she got home on time or how she explained that grin to her husband. He probably did not recognize the grin because he had never seen it before.

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