So u think u! had a bad day?  

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11/16/2005 7:23 pm

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So u think u! had a bad day?

The construction biz is full of legends. Heres one that came to me from a reliable source.

Office worker loses his job... yada yada yada .... lands a temp job as a mason's helper.

1st day - learns what to do:
Mix mortar, put mortar in bucket, haul by rope and pully up to mason building chimney.
Put bricks in barrel, haul by same rope and pully up to same mason building same chimney.

Not too tough to learn but hard work.

2nd day - gets to work early to impress mason.

Decides to set up for the day ahead of time.
Loads bricks in barrel (first mistake - too many).

Begins pulling on rope to raise barrel realizes that it is quite heavy. ( second mistake -wraps rope around arm to get a better grip)

Whoops - still to heavy (next mistake - loops foot under staging bracket to inrease leverage)

Pulls for all he is worth raising barrel switching rope wrapped arms (height - twenty feet)

Priceless - (realizes there is no one up there to remove or otherwise relocate bricks).

yup - his foot slips.

Up he goes receiving bruises and minor lacerations as the barrel passes him comming down, arm firmly held by the rope.
Unfortunately his fingers find the pully before the barrel reaches the ground.

So - Our hero hangs there, fingers jammed in pully, arm wrapped in rope, wondering wtf just happened.

There is a creaking sound - the sound of the bottom of a barrel giving way - yup, too many bricks.

The eager helper is free.

On his way down he meets his old friend the barrel which gives him a real nice chin clip passing by.

As he is enjoying this moment he sees pile of bricks rushing up to meet him after a twenty foot fall.

There is a lot of pain and misery.

Final mistake (he lets go of the rope)

you can guess the rest

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