Sex in a public place - life on the edge  

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12/15/2005 5:35 pm

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Sex in a public place - life on the edge

I remember driving with a friend up around Franconia Notch in New Hampshire, that was when the old man's profile still stood on the mountain. We were having a weekend getaway, play and sightseeing, no real plans just low stress r&r.
Its funny how you get casual and laid back about everything on a trip like that.
It was late spring, a hot day. New hampshire is well known for extremly heavy downpours in the summer. I am talking about blinding, gully washers. These storms can be like sitting under a waterfall.
So my friend and I are driving along when one of these beauties hits. There is pretty heavy traffic all around us but everything stops. You can't see the car beside you or the one in front. We are stuck, right there in the middle of the highway along with hundreds of others.
Its hard to guess the duration of these storms they come on quick and hard, they end the same way, no warning, they just end.
We start making out. Next thing I know I'm naked to the knees and she's wearing less. We know there are people not 20 feet away. I wonder for a second, what are they doing? Are they just sitting there arguing and complaining about the rain or could it be that there are hundreds of people in cars around us right now doin the same thing? I laugh at the thought and share it. She climbs on top and I try my level best not to bounce her head off of the roof.
You get so hot at a moment like this. Its like eating candy before breakfast. I'm so hard I think I'm gonna burst inside of her. Finally I can feel her clamping down on me, that pulsation, milking me; I shoot off, she collapses on my shoulder, her sweaty breasts swimming in the wet mass of hair on my chest. We sit like that for a long few minutes catching our breath.
Everything is quiet, too quiet - Oh Shit the rain stopped. I have never moved so fast. By the time the windshield had cleared of water she has my t- shirt on and my pants are back up but still unziped. We casually drive off into the sunset, dressing as we go.

Dam: I love New Hampshire


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