Ladies' Revenge  

bullseyetou 62M
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5/8/2006 5:26 pm
Ladies' Revenge

When I was a younger man I fought to keep from cumming when I was with a woman. I'd think of baseball or work during sex anything to hold off until she got off. I even tried a desensitizing lotion once - it helped.

But even so - many times I ended up cumming and she ended up waiting for the second round. Kinda ruins the mood. Always felt bad but that dosen't help the woman any. So I would oral her off until I was ready to roll again; I guess not a bad consolation prize but still second best.

I love to feel a women orgasm - more than a "When Harry met Sally" fake orgasm. I'm talking about that rippling shudder combined with the flash of red that shows on her skin tone. She actually feels warmer; its great. I get off on it and quickly recover for more.

Anyway - my youth betrayed me and often cheated me out of that experience. The sex went too fast to really enjoy it; for both the woman and myself.

As I age I find I have maintained my stamina, as I am still a strong man, but I have slowed a great deal in the amount of time it takes to cum.
I often find myself clawing at the ceiling while she is mellowing out in afterglow. Now its my turn to wait for the second round lol.

I don't mind - I think its better now. But I have to chuckle when I think how the roles have reversed in bed as to who goes first.

Anyone else notice this?

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